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    A Thief Delayed: Uncharted 4 Will Launch In 2016

    The year of delays: 2014- forever. Developers, please make reasonable release dates and give yourself time instead of getting us all worked up and excited and then delay. Schedule things properly. I will always forgive indie develers for delaying their games, but it happens so often in the...
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    InstaDoom Adds Instagram Filters, Selfie Stick, to Doom

    People are hating in this? Freaking nerds, this is the GOAT right here. This mod is actually pretty funny though. I know what I'm making my Faceboook profile pic.
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    Anyone avoiding Amiibos

    I got a Yoahi on because Yoshi is my main in Smash and he's kewl. That's it really. I have them because I think the figures are cool. The ingame stuff is just a bonus for me. I did love training my amiibo though.
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    Pre-Purchasing Evolve on Xbox One Lets You Skip Grinding

    They put in a shitty progression system that never should have existed in multiplayer games JUST for preorders. Why can't rvery game be like CS:GO where the stuff that you can unlock are cool skins, instead of having to waste time grinding.
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    Nintendo Reveals New Amiibos, Arriving March 2015

    Better get my boy Ness or he'll be sold out. I don't expect any new Mother games in the next 300 years gut hey, official Mother merch, yes please.
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    Nintendo Has no Plans For Further Super Smash Bros. 4 Balance Patches

    It seems that if anything absolutely ridiculous is discovered, it'll be patched out, and that's fine. Diddy isn't Meta Knight OP, and I'm learning the matchup after some tourneys, so I can deal with him for now.
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    Amazing 10-Year-Old Girl Playing Super Smash Bros Turns Out to be a Hoax

    I thought it was awesome because it was a little kid playing, not because she was a girl. A 10 year old kid boy reking this guys would get just as much attention. Honestly, I don't think this sexist at all. When I first saw the video, I was hyped there was a kid who's really good. I'm...
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    That game that you REALLY want to complete, but always get distracted from

    Final Fantasy 7. I'm about 10 hours in, and I really, really like it, but I just wont sit diwn and play it. I have the time to as well, but I just end up spending 3 hours on Reddit. Such is life.
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    EarthBound Kickstarter Aims to Create Sweet EarthBound Collectibles - Update

    Must resist purchase. I need the documentary and real life handbook. I neeeeeeed it. And oh god the backpack. AND SCARTCH AND SNIFF STICKERS SHIT NO. As with the poster wbove, goodbye monies.
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    Poll: Do you like dungeons in Zelda?

    The dungeons are verrrry hit or miss for me. My main problem is that most if them seem to drag on for far too long. Even the ones I like are dungeons where you need to speed an hour to get any progress, and you can easily fall off a ledge and have to re do a section. This are one of the main...
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    Do We Get Enough Weird Games?

    Mother series has some weird as shit moments. And my some, I mean basically the entirety of Mother 2 and Mother 3 had me going "Whhaaaaaat?" So weird and interesting in a good way. There are also 2 free games that are really weird that you should play. Crypt Worlds: weird as shit, low poly...
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    Games you get mad that you can't talk about

    Most of my friends are Nintendo fans, and literally none of them even knew about the Mother series until I told them about it. They went all these years not knowing where Ness/Lucas were from. I'm still the only one who's actually played them.
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    POLLYANNA: An Animated Earthbound Tribute

    You should definitely replay EarthBound if you haven't played it in so long.
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    [Update 2] How/why are console gamers satisfied with 30 fps?

    It's more noticeable on PC because you are much closer to your screen. On console, your sitting on a couch/chair at least 5 times further back than on a PC, therefore 30 FPS is less noir enable. I can tell if a game is 30 or 60 FPS, but it's only important on consoles if the game is fast paced...
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    favorite rpg

    28 posts and no mention of EarthBound. Wow. I could play that game million times and never get old. It's so cheery, unique, fun, and hilarious, that I can't help but enjoy every play through. And the music, so good. One of best on the SNES, and probably the longest soundtrack. Also Dark...