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    Avengers 2 Official Synopsis Confirms Vision Origin

    I meant the fact that the Avengers were lied to. They all still think Coulson is dead as far as we know. I figure that when they find out out about Fury's manipulation would lead to them questioning their faith in Fury and SHIELD. Or it may just play out like "Oh hey Coulson. You're not dead...
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    Avengers 2 Official Synopsis Confirms Vision Origin

    Huh, no mention of Clark Greg as Agent Coulson. I kinda thought that the fact Fury faked his death would end up being important. Maybe they are saving that for a later film. It's probably more to do with the characters will only show up as cameos and won't play a huge role. I mean they don't...
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    Marvel Giving Thor's Hammer New Female Friendly Inscription

    Marvel has been messing with "beloved characters" since the characters existed. Spider-man is replaced by his clone, Ironman is replaced by his teenage self from the past, Captain America is replaced by U.S.Agent, Doctor Strange is replaced by Brother Voodoo. This isn't the first time Thor has...
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    Magic's Khans of Tarkir Brings Anticipated Reprint

    No you can't tap these for colourless mana. It has to say "Tap: add 1 to your mana pool". There are actually a few lands that don't tap for mana at all, but most modern lands have at least some connection to making mana. Giving you a specific colour of mana in the early turns of the game can...
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    7 Transformers Cartoon Stories That Could Be Transformers Movies

    I believe that if the Quintesson's appear, they won't be the creators of the Transformers. That origin story, from my knowledge, is exclusive to the generation one cartoon. Later incarnations seem to have are more consistent origin involving Primus making the original 13 Transformers to battle...
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    Power Rangers To Be Rebooted in Live-Action Film from Lionsgate

    The problem with trying to make a well written show out of Power Rangers is that nearly all of the fight scene footage comes directly from the Super Sentai series in Japan. So they are trying to create their own cohesive narrative while cutting and splicing to every different sets of footage...
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    Power Rangers To Be Rebooted in Live-Action Film from Lionsgate

    Does it really count as a reboot of the franchise if the franchise has been putting out a new installment almost every year since 1993? I'm really hoping that this isn't going to be trying to make a mature movie that will apeal to those of us who grew up with the show. I feel that Power...
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    Autocorrect strikes again! #nomakeupselfie donation mix-ups.

    It's the latter, it changes the word it doesn't recognise to what it thinks you were trying to spell after you finish typing it. So here people would type BEAT into their phone, and apparently some auto-correct programs interpret that they are trying to type BEAR. If people re-read their...
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    X-Men: Days of Future Past New Trailer Arrives

    I'm also hoping for Magneto and Xavier (young and old) to be the focus of the movie. However, given the relative sizes of the actors on the films poster, I think someone else may be the main character ...
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    No Right Answer: Worst Graphic Novel Ever

    When a local comic book store donated a whole stack of Spider-man Reign to a club at my university I should have realised there was a reason they didn't want them... I can barely remember how it ended either, but some parts stick out. Like how after Doc Oct dies, his tentacles (still attached...
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    Chris Evans Signed for Six Marvel Films

    Huh, for some reason I thought we already knew that Robert Downey, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans were all signed on for 6 movies - 3 for the individual franchises and 3 Avengers team ups. Maybe that was just wild fan speculation *shrugs*
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    Marvel Unlimited Drops Subscription For 15,000 Comics To 99 Cents

    Yeah I had some real trouble signing up for this last year. It kept telling me I had an invalid address but not what was wrong with it. I recommend shooting thier customer support an email asking for some help. I got a reply the next day saying that they had activated the subscription for my...
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    Sony Expanding Spider Man Universe, To Produce One Movie A Year

    That's pretty much what I've heard. As long as Sony uses the property, they get to keep it. A certain amount of time has to pass without them making any use of the rights before they revert back to Marvel (that's how Daredevil and Ghost Rider back).
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    The Escapist Means More Than Just Video Games

    I like the sound of this, although I'll never say no to more content. Looking forward to seeing what the beta brings. I am also wondering how bad the "OMG the Escapist has changed! Ruined Forever!" reaction will be this time. I remember a lot of complaining last time the site changed it's...