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    Watch Dogs: One Week On, 4 Million Sales

    How about this, Ubisoft. Re-invest the profits into some R&D into new franchises / ideas and form new teams to develop them. Split push new IP's instead of immediately saying "So, Watch Dogs 2 anyone?"
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    The Elder Scrolls Online Video Shows Character Creation

    Careful you don't break the terms of your NDA! :)
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    i think this might be it! secret agent
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    im afraid not. using that kind of as a point of reference though, same haircut, but a much more zoomed out perspective (you could see quite a lot of the level around you). the enemies were definitely alien like. it wasn't a side scrolling game where it moved automatically.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    OK here's a challenging one, mainly because i don't remember too much detail. I think it was on a windows 95 machine. It was a platformer, with a blonde haired guy as the hero, and he would need to get keys to open the doors to next level. he had a gun, and the usual jump mechanics, but i...
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    Your greatest gaming comebacks

    It was your average game of counterstrike 1.6 (years ago), on CS_militia (a classic!). I was on the terrorist team. The pistol round started with an unusually aggressive move by my teammates, as they stormed the front, stormed the front, stormed the front. I bought my deagle, and hopped onto the...
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    DotA 2 Champions Win $1 Million

    The semi finals between Na Vi and LGD were extremely good (winner bracket). Check em out!
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    DotA 2 Champions Win $1 Million

    It was 3 - 1 to IG actually - the last game in the series didn't need to be played! I found myself watching and supporting the European teams, as they diminished in the later rounds to just Na Vi (and about 5 Chinese teams [nothing against them! Just underdog syndrome!]). It was...
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    Never forget your first...

    Bushbuck - global treasure hunter.. At the time I was so young that I had absolutely no idea how to play the game. My mum would just prop me up in front of the game and let me think I was achieving something!
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    Trailers: Torchlight 2 - Cinematic Trailer

    Ouch. That trailer was neither informative of particularly exciting. On pure cinematics, Diablo III's trailers are much better. Excited to play both.
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo III Release Date

    Well, I think I owe Blizzard another $60 - more in fact - for the amount of joy I have gained from Diablo II (and Warcraft III, and Wow). They have earned my trust as a developer over the past decade, so I will be buying it. The DRM doesn't phase me because it won't be affecting me, or anyone...
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    WTF is wrong with game soundtracks?

    It was only a matter of time before the Metal Gear Solid series got a mention: Here is one of my favourites:
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    Diablo 3 Beta Key Give Away

    Just completed both. Fingers crossed for a key! Much more interesting than a "tick the box for a chance to win" quiz :)
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    Help a Diablo II beginner!

    My favourites have always been amazons, wherein you get the choice to use a bow, or throw javalins. "Bow-azons", however, become terrible after normal difficulty without any good gear. I would make a "javazon" and put lots of skills into "Charged strike" and then "lightning fury". It is...
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    World of Warcraft Players Could Be Homeless Forever

    Yeah I thought that too. Someone clever would have to work out the motions of where they can/can't go, where they can/can't dock. Whether they disappeared when unmanned, whether you could summon them.. Lots of possibilities. Haha yeah.. On PVP servers perhaps this could be so. On PVE I...