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    Splurges, bad game buys, impulse buys.

    By far the worst impulse buy was Legends of Pegasus. 40 dollars for a broken, buggy game when I was hoping for a revitalization of Master of Orion 2. And look where it got the developer... []
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    Which of your gaming characters has the highest body count?

    The girl from Mercenaries 2. I leveled an entire capital city with a few nuclear bunker busters. I am a horrible, horrible person. And I love it.
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    Have you ever avoided something because of its fanbase?

    I love MLP, but I absolutely detest the fanbase culture it created. The simple solution? Avoid the fanbase.
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    Mojang, Square Enix, EA and Others Sued For Patent Infringement

    Would it be possible for the suit to be thrown out because Minecraft was misspelled?
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    Do we need "easy mode" any more?

    Sometimes I like the ability to feel like a total badass when I've had a hard day at work or college, and being able to blow through a game on easy is just the way to vent frustration without adding to it. When I want to play normally, I naturally choose normal. The only game that I never, EVER...
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    Origin nowdays

    My main gripe with Origin and Steam is that it's a pay-once subscription service, rather than a retailer. Somewhere in the future, when Steam or Origin finally dies off, where do you think your games will go? You don't have a hard copy of (most of) the games, so when the services do go under...
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    Your most evil gaming atrocities

    I leveled the entire capital city in Mercenaries 2 with nukes. You might think, "Well, big deal. Some people died. So what?" and that would be a legitimate question if it wasn't for the fact that this was Mercenaries 2, where you could level EVERY building you see, not just the ones that are...
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    Poll: Harrison Ford

    For me, personally, Jack Ryan. Heresy, I know, but I absolutely loved his role in the Tom Clancy movies.
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    Square Enix Finally Confirms PC Final Fantasy VII

    The Character Booster sounds shady. I don't want to see a Pay2Win business model on a single-player game, much less one that's over a decade and a half old.
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    South Park RPG Class List Includes the Jew

    -50% Fire Resistance. I'm sorry, but it had to be said.
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    Poll: According to my peers, PC gaming is inferior to consoles.

    There's only so much you can cram into a game that utilizes 6 year old hardware. Things like worse-looking textures to save on disk space and hardware memory. Not to mention that an equally-skilled console gamer going up against an equally-skilled PC gamer in a multi-port game (Shadowrun, for...
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    So I was Ungodly Underwhelmed By Skyrim...

    It's good to see someone else who agrees, especially on the Dark Brotherhood quests in comparison to Oblivion.
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    Peruvian Scientists Discover Alien Corpse

    Apparently these "scientists" have never heard of head binding before.
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    About The Elder Scrolls 6...

    We've already seen High Rock and most of Hammerfell in Daggerfall. Personally, I want to see the southern provinces, so I can kill as many furries as I can in Elsweyr. All in the name of the Emperor, you understand.