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    Escapist News Now: Sony Can Monitor All PSN Activity

    often this type of thing bothers me but in the case of the ps4 they won't be gaining anything they didn't already know about me. I'll only use ps4 for gaming if i want to surf the net or whatever I'll be using my pc. As for the software being licensed not sold, that's been standard for a...
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    Jimquisition: Lugoscababib Discobiscuits

    I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one who thought the eating out of bins was weird in infinite. I actually started referring to the game as "the adventures of super tramp" as you essentially play as a magic tramp who powers his abilities by eating and drinking discarded sandwiches and beer.
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    Zero Punctuation: FIFA 13

    ..... i was going to post a reply about how much i disagree about MoP but then i decided no, enough is enough blizzard have enough of my soul already i need to save a little bit so supermarket doors will still open when i approach.
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    Zero Punctuation: FIFA 13

    no no no no no.... i hate the game but it IS football "american football" is a load of adverts with some big men in armor in between they don't even use there feet for god's sake (i'm assuming your winky smiley says you really know what i mean :D ;p)
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    Zero Punctuation: FIFA 13

    yep, perfect review of Fifa 13 the only other option would be "this time it has a 13 on the end and the npcs have either got different faces or the devs have developed their characters by giving them a different coloured shirt!" :p
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    The Big Picture: Last Starr

    brave star was ace when i was a kid, from bob's vid it sounds like it didnt do as well in america. It was massive, at least amongst the kids at my school. Also, although I cant say for sure if it was the first cartoon show to ever do it but... In one episode (probably the feature length...
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    Has Halo been forever ruined?

    it wont be ruined it was shit to begin with
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    Marines posed with Nazi SS symbol in Afghanistan

    although your right it is not quite the same and the one the sniper scouts use has been used by them for years you think when they decided to use it someone would have pointed out the similarity. epic fail for that design committee
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    Calling all single people, what are you doing to survive the 14th?

    didn't even realise it was valentines day i just ignore it even some of my friends who are couples hate it. Its just a ridiculous corporate sales pitch so much so... that (according to wiki :D) it was removed from the saints calendar by Pope Paul VI in 1969.
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    "Amazing" Should be Banished From the English Language

    Can we add ignorant to that too I am sooooooooo sick of people using ignorant when they mean rude
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    "Amazing" Should be Banished From the English Language

    hmm funny thing is most people I know use amazing purely as a sudo-sarcastic derogatory term, either when something is bad or to express a lack of interest in a subject. E.G Amazing! my PC has crashed. or Bob: "I just got modern warfare 3!" John: "Amazing" :-/ (the smiley is to...
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    If your avatar was a tattoo on your cheek...

    well my avatar is proably going to make it onto my "nostalgia" sleeve i'm working on anyway so it wouldn't be so bad
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    Ultimate MVC3 Glass Cannon Challenge

    not sure i'd call zero a glass cannon, maby i'm just that good lol ;)
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    Dropping out of college again. What should I do?

    yeah if u are that far through you may as well finish. If you're really adamant about quitting and want to write then write as much as possible and read as much as possible. Most important would be to learn/read about technical writing otherwise you'll end up ruining your own writing. also...