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    Ok, so two years ago I think, Blizzard was constantly sending me emails telling me to do all sorts of things with my account, I wasn't sure which was legit and which was a scam, so I ignored them all. They only relented this time last year. Then my friend just told me today he still plays WOW...
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    To me Game of Thrones will never be the same (S4E8 discussion)

    I wonder if the creators were sadistic towards viewers, and took a horrible pleasure in searing that image into our minds. Game of Thrones has in the past turned the camera away from horribly gruesome things. There are some people, some of whom have gone through very difficult experiences and...
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    Poll: High School, better then or now?

    I went to a junior and senior high boarding school for sociopaths/juvenile delinquents despite only having attention problems, and it has fortunately closed now. I imagine most high schools would be much better than it, except perhaps those which were involved in gang member recruitment. This...
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    Is it too late to enjoy Mists of Pandaria?

    I may have free time for over a month for the first time in many years, and was thinking of reigniting my World of Warcraft account. Now, I played Wrath of the Lich King 2 years ago, when everyone had left Northrend, and it was depressing to be the only one in an entire zone. Has this already...
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    Do you like entertainment from other countries?

    I don't watch TV very often, but when I do, I prefer Canadian. (Rick Mercer, 22 Minutes, Dragons Den, Arctic Air, Mr. D, Sanctuary) And Mass Effect blows everything else out of the galaxy, everything. Just by existing. I do find Colbert and Stewart mildly amusing though, not bad time...
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    Games that punish you for doing well

    That's not "BS", that would be the basics of International Relations(IR). It happened when France looked like it was going to take over Spain. The US stopped potential opponents to its power after WWI by demanding the alliance between the UK and Japan be broken up, (a horrible idea, in...
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    So , what's the point of being in a relationship.

    You are not your disease, don't call yourself a sad piece of shit. That's just the cards you were dealt, its not who you are.
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    Looking underage (The Good Vs. The Bad)

    This thread is mostly young adults feeling miffed about not being treated as adults on the basis of an easy and entirely understandable mistake of being mistaken for someone less than 5 years younger than them. People want to be treated respectfully, and see being called as a "kid" as...
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    Your Boycott List

    Apple because they're too big and slinked off with the Blackberry Messenger when RIM was in the pits, and any game that's more popular than Mass Effect. Nothing deserves to be more popular than Mass Effect.
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    Mass Effect being blamed for Connecticut shooting.

    Fuck, sorry, I should have put up a spoiler warning. I made the same arrogant assumption people who put up the sovereign conversation in a thread on people's favourite video game speechs ( which many...
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    Mass Effect being blamed for Connecticut shooting.

    Except that one kid, THAT EVERYONE SHOT AT THE END OF MASS EFFECT 3!!!! *sorry*
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    Mass Effect being blamed for Connecticut shooting.

    It shows you that just because people don't have chimp bodies, doesn't mean they don't have chimp brains.
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    Warhammer 40K's story, how is it even remotely appealing?

    I think it focuses on the xenophobic, violent, intolerant part of human nature (aliens in entertainment are always, except in space invaders, used to explore human nature) which is what all entertainment ultimately does, because to have a bunch of tolerant people speak politely to each other...
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    Conflict Minerals and the Game Industry: The Problem

    What KingGolem is saying sounds quite like what a psychopath might say, but whether or not he is doing this intentionally, he is very much representative of society when our narrow self-interest is threatened. For example, in Canada, we had a debate about whether or not we should be in...
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    Which country is best at gaming?

    ALERT! THIS POST IS BIASED! Mass Effect brings home the bacon for Canada by itself. However, a list is in order: KOTOR Dragon Age Homeworld Dawn of War Company of Heroes Need for Speed Assassins Creed Deus Ex: Human Revolution Prototype Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell FIFA Soccer NBA...