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    Global Warming Denial

    You are aware that it's not just thinking alike? It's also in the published articles in reputable journals right? Unlike say, Oscar voters having not even watched the films in question, climate scientists do actually have to know their field. And hell, there was even the case of Richard...
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    Poll: The Martian vs. Gravity vs. Interstellar

    You do know that basic Hex is a part of Mechanical Engineering right? I know, because I sat through class with them watching them stumble through it. Depending on your university, you can expect engineers of all stripes to have done bits of other engineering disciplines, at mine we all did...
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    Crowfall - Anyone else interested in this?

    Oh, don't worry. I fully intend to be checking this one out. They're doing too much fun stuff to not give it a go. I just hope that I can manage some good latency so I can rob you back, and that there are enough people around to witness my overwhelming victory :)
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    Crowfall - Anyone else interested in this?

    I want to believe that, but I don't think it's really likely. To be honest, it feels less like they studied past mistakes and came up less with "fantastic solutions" and instead just created a bunch of new mistakes. I like the idea, I liked the promotional content I saw before, but I don't...
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    Women pay more for everyday items. Gender Price Gap. GOTDAMN!!

    Yeah, it's kind of silly. The painkiller one is a bit dodgy, because brands like Neurophen and Panodol do their best to imply that one formulation or another has a different property, treats something different or "Targets" a specific pain. Which is nonsense, and Neurophen's been hit numerous...
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    Return of the PS2 Games - Three Star Wars Classics Land On PS4

    I had a lot of fun with Episode 1: Racer back in the day. It's a bunch of podracing, with a bunch of flimsy vehicles that take damage and can be slowed down or destroyed (They respawn). Some of the levels are really tricky and complex, and reward working out the mechanics thoroughly. It was...
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    Ooooookay. Why is the term "Mary Sue" being thrown around like paint?

    Nope. The pilots complain about the size of the target, to which Luke replies with the line about bullseying womp rats with his T-16 back home, Wedge gets a shot on the exhaust port, he did it right, it didn't go in. The reason they sent the pilots out was because they thought any of them...
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    Star Wars not nominated for best picture of the year.

    Similarly, we're all very interested in your, ah, opinion. You might want to reread the code of conduct, that sort of posting won't fly here.
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    Winners of this Far Cry Primal Contest get to Sleep in a Cave

    How cold does France get? Like, unless they're up in the mountains, I don't think there's anything they'd have to do apart from count sheep to distract themselves from the cold. The reward sounds more interesting than the game, and the reward is indistinguishable from the end of a really bad...
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    Dumb place names

    Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Paramatta, Woodbridge. To be fair, a bunch of them are taken from Aboriginal names, and sound weird in English, and most of the rest are regular British style names, Gagebrook, Lauderdale, Tranmere. But seriously, Dubbo, like what the hell guys. My vote's for the home...
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    Punisher Netflix series in development

    Didn't we already know about this? Wasn't he in the Daredevil S2 tailer or something?
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    New Nintendo Boss Lays Out 2016 Plans: NX, Theme Parks, And More

    Defensively jumping in aggressively on Nintendo's account. It doesn't help anyone, and it really doesn't matter. And some of us aren't here to bash on Nintendo, some of us do like them, we're just not on board with this. Like, I'm not sure about the NX because basically, I'm aware that it's...
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    New Nintendo Boss Lays Out 2016 Plans: NX, Theme Parks, And More

    True, but just mentioning it, after Wii U's lineup has dried up to the extent it has, doesn't help my interest. I liked ZombiU, the Yarn Yoshi and Super Mario 3D World when I played them on friend's consoles, and I want to play Hyrule Warriors, but the WiiU seems like it's going to be abandoned...
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    Those games that only you seemed to like.

    Far Cry 2, all of the love. I remember the most amazing sequence I had. I was ambushing a convoy, and usually I used IEDs, but I was out and I'd picked up a launcher. I parked the car and stood in the middle of the road with my launcher to blast it. Gun misfired, the rocket fell on the...
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    Star Wars not nominated for best picture of the year.

    There'd be a riot, and hopefully a Leo v Damon brawl. I'm hoping to see some marionette wire fighting.