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    Rarest stuff you've seen or caught in a Pokemon game

    Two identical shiny Spindas in two consecutive battles. The odds are 1 in 18.4 quintillion. Beat that.
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    JRPG recommendations

    Strange Journey? (The Shin Megami Tensei game that's a throwback to the original SMT games, with the Demonica?) Haa, I love that game. I'm still in the second sector, but man, I love that game. I also agree with you on Legend of Dragoon. Hmm. I'm actually doing the absurd thing of playing all...
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    Dante Takes to the Air in New DmC Trailer

    He... would be laughed out of any bar outside of Tokyo. Until he pulled out a weapon. And there is a distinct level of foreign that a western audience in general is willing to accept. He was trying to appeal to more people (and make more sales) without getting rid of the core of DMC; that is...
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    Dante Takes to the Air in New DmC Trailer

    I am seriously curious, what the fuck does this bolded part even mean? How is this borderline racist? At all?
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    Dante Takes to the Air in New DmC Trailer

    Gameplay looks solid, it's a prequel to DMC3 (which they've SAID but people seem to forget that), and he looks like a punk rocker, which makes absolute sense, with how he acts, etc. I don't see the problem that apparently the huge vocal majority of the DMC fanbase seems to have. Yeesh.
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    Lollipop Chainsaw... Debut trailer released.

    ...That thought crossed my mind as well. I need to finish watching Kore wa Zombie... ...Yeah. I dunno, this looks rather... bland? For Suda51, that is. I mean, if it turns out to be a good beat 'em up, great, but it looks rather... exaggeratedly stereotypical.
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    Having trouble playing complex games.

    I kinda have this problem, but it seems to shift between "Wow, this is a complex game, I'm kinda nervous to go ahead, but let's do it!" and "...EVERYTHING IS TOO HARD, I DON'T WANNA." It's why I don't play RTSes. It's mostly dependent on the time of day and general mood. I seem to be more...
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    Games That Need Anime Adaptations

    P3 got an anime []... More like a sequel/epilogue to the original story. I'm assuming you mean the actual story of P3, which I would get behind instantly. I think I'd say... Hm. 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Ah, but that game's story was...
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    Just got banned from a TF2 server...

    That sounds like you were doing alright, so I think you mean the reverse. :P I liked playing TF2 back when I got it (a year or two ago, halloween sale wooo), but the fun has died out after having realized I am really bad at FPSs, specifically multiplayer. 200+ hours clocked anyway. A lot...
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    Poll: Would you like to know the exact moment of your death?

    I got ninja'd. Dammit. Yeah, this. I don't like the idea of fate. But if fate is real, I would do crazy shit because hey, I WON'T DIE UNTIL IT'S MY TIME! HELL YES.
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    Poll: What Kind of Chocolate do you Like?

    I would agree with this 95% of the time. The other 5%, it's because it's a mixture of white and milk chocolate filled with caramel. I eat a fairly large amount of chocolate, too. Major sweet tooth. Yet I've never had a cavity at any point I can remember. My mouth is a wonder.
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    Post a Fun Fact About Yourself

    Yeah... It's only my username here. And I'm trying to break that trend of mine anyway.
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    EXDEATH?! OH HO HO HO Show bravado while you still can. Past and future... all return to the Void!
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    Post a Fun Fact About Yourself

    I got a job at Jack in the Box earlier this week. (Having money is going to be new. And fun.) I am working very slowly to put together a Mass Effect parody/homage using sprites. I aim for internet fame with this video.
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    You are Walking Down a Hall, Turn Around and See This...

    That is a narrow hallway... Hm. Use a doorway as leverage/support, solid kick to the face. If that didn't discourage it, it would at least knock it away for a short period. During which I would try to find my plated gloves and/or my broadsword. Then... We duel.