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    Critical Miss: #35

    Sting was in dune? Well suddenly I wish to see this film
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    Quick!! C'Thulhu is awake!

    Draw Elder signs everywhere and hide in a cupboard.
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    Poll: Your Rock Instrument Of Choice

    Vocals the ultimate, most powerful, and versatile instrument of the lot. Also easy to transport.
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    Stardock Calls Elemental: War of Magic a Complete "Fail"

    There definitely trying to fix things at least, they've released a load of updates in the last few weeks and drawn up a long term plan of things the community want fixed and added which is good.
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    New U.K. Gun Law.

    Well for the first point if it ever comes to "Crunch time" as you put it then were pretty screwed regardless of how well armed we are, this is the 21st century, the government has tanks, drones, body armour, fully supported and most importantly highly trained infantry. The only things guns would...
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    New U.K. Gun Law.

    Ah right, though the wording was a bit strange, and I do actually believe in less government, however I put more faith in the government then in people in this case. Though I still can't see what uses guns would have outside killing, and things like clay pigeon shooting don't seem like a good...
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    New U.K. Gun Law.

    Well the government doesn't forbid standing out in a lightning storm with a big metal conductor but that doesn't mean I want to do it. No offence but your reasoning on that seems silly (or its badly worded) I can see no valid reason why people would want to own a gun if they aren't a farmer...
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    New U.K. Gun Law.

    Good theres no reason for a well developed society to enable civilians access to firearms, as far as I can tell the laws not going to make it much harder for farmers to acquire them (who apart from hunters are the only people with valid reasons to be owning a shotgun in the first place.)
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    Channel 4 Pumps Cash Into A.P.B. Dev's Home Town

    Hence once again proving channel 4 as being the coolest channel. A friends game would be pretty awesome and so would a big brother one, well as long as it involves torturing the house-mates, there could be pointy sticks involved.
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    Call of Cthulhu Explained in Just 120 Seconds

    Yay, now even the stupid, short attentioned or short memoried can learn about our lord Cthulhu.
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    Your Ringtone.

    I have the same ringtone as Dr. Horrible and its hilarious every single time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME
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    Poll: How many symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder do you have?

    Well I more merely acknowledge it, but sounds good enough to me, down to 5, yay.
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    Poll: How many symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder do you have?

    6 of them but I'm just more a happy-go-lucky irresponsible jerk with poor self control really. Why is our society so quick to fob off responsibility all the time, "oh its not your fault you have a disorder", what a load of bull.
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    Poll: Escapist, what's your sexuality?

    How did you know?
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    Poll: Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition - The most impossibly good strategy game in the cosmos

    Ahh Galciv II memories of gleefully blowing up large sections of the universe as a race of sentient chairs who bred like rabbits, fun. Very nice long and detailed review, I may even go reinstall it now.