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    Favorite USEFUL Easter Egg/Quirky...Thing?

    I spent about an hour going nuts with a broom in AC2, but for some reason it never let me pick them up in Brotherhood. Damn. In Drakan: The Ancient's Gates (PS2 game, surprisingly good), there was a weapon that had a miniscule chance of spawning at the weapons merchant - a rubber chicken. I...
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    Who else has a rare genetic disorder? hands?

    Well, I somehow managed to get all the bad-looking genes I could've possibly gotten from my family. I suppose that's pretty improbable, but nothing outstanding.
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    Under-Rated Musicians

    Jonathan Coulton, anybody?
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    Geek Tattoos

    To the person who said about it getting all wrinkly: Apparently, the skin between your shoulder blades never gets wrinkled and saggy. Having said that, I might have either a cactaur on my right bicep, or a lightsaber down my left arm.
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    The new black guy in Final Fantasy XIII

    But then where would he keep his chocobo? It'd fall out of his pocket.