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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    They have the same right to not fix their ending as I do to not purchase another one of their games.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Socially Awkward

    There's something oddly unsettling about Google+ using an iPhone.
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    Latest RAGE Clip Features Gorgeous Art, Inexplicable John Goodman

    Having spent nearly four years thinking John Goodman was dead, this is a wonderful surprise. Getting more excited all the time for this game.
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    One thing to note, I believe Maester Aemon was actually the Mad King's great-uncle, not brother. Which is impressive considering Aerys had grandchildren. Dude's old, yo.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Whole Story: Spam

    You had me at "Howler monkey shock troops."
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    Anonymous Hacks Eidos, Deus Ex Websites - UPDATED

    I love stuff like this. Love it. It's like Vietnam.
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    Favorite Sci-fi space vessel/captain?

    Admiral Adama is disappoint. As for ship? There's too frigging many good ones to choose from.
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    Poll: Who would you rather let die, your pet or me?

    I picked you and I don't even have a pet. Nothing personal; just, you know, we've got a lot of extra people lying about, and you pretty much volunteered.
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    Total War: Shogun 2 Review

    Video isn't working? Haven't had the chance to play it yet, but rest assured the glowing praise it's received has only reinforced my iron-clad intent on making it a purchase very soon.
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    Poll: Did the UN Just Declare War on Libya?! Yes they did

    Right, because domestic genocide is much better than international conflict. It's a no-fly zone with a strict provision that at no point will boots be on the ground. The most that the international task-force is going to do is ground the Libyan air force, destroy anti-air instillations, and...
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    Your avatar -vs- the one above

    Simple humans with guns? I have no organs to damage. Check and mate.
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    THQ Hammered by Sub-Par Homefront Scores

    Said one dev, "Now I know how BioWare feels... oh, too soon?"
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    From the looks of it, we the people think the guy with the soap-box is wrong. And for good reason.
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    Bioware blocks user from playing his store-bought copy of DA2, for bad-mouthing EA?

    That is one hell of an overreaction. Seriously. "So BioWare, have you guys, like, sold your non-existent embodiment of spiritual-essence to the company that now oversees you, or something?" The fact that it's legal doesn't take away from how much of a dick-move and a power trip this is.