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    The Worst Qualities of Amazing Games

    arkham city the X does everything aproach is really starting to annoy me in games recently when i try to jump through a window and batman decides to sit down and try to open a grate instead.
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    Jimquisition: Dumbing Down for the Filthy Casuals

    creating an easy mode would mean development time spent on creating things for people who probably isnt in to this kind of game.
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    what are you video game pet peeves?

    if they have to do that atleast have a clear representation that you're doing damage. OT: knockdown, roots, stuns, things that take away control from me, its one of the things that makes it almost impossible for me to like shadow of the collosus when you're either waiting for longs stretches of...
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    Hawken Adds Oculus Rift VR Support

    so this game is basicly a gundam simulator now? mech-fu controller + oculus = several kinds of awesome.
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    The Cool Armour Thread

    it was added in kingdom hearts birth by sleep tho you can fight the left guy with a cape in kingdom hearts 2 final mix.
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    Vergil confirmed for DmC

    yeah its about the gameplay, four words, 30 frames per second, these guys fail at doing what people could do on a PS2 on the PS3 and 360.
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    The Cool Armour Thread

    Keyblade armor, it looked better when it had a cape though.
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    DmC looks great, what's with all the hate?

    change is good but too much change and it become unrecognizable as a part of the series and could just as well have been something new and not part of a series we already have.
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    If you could have the powers of any LOL champion, who would you pick?

    xerath easely one of the most powerfull mages if not the most powerfull if it wasnt for his restraints wich i wouldnt have.
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    Most useless weapons in gaming

    The weakness of the final boss is bubble lead.
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    Most useless weapons in gaming

    its used for crafting the pure astoras straight sword.
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    Most useless weapons in gaming

    well thats not useless its used to craft the pure astoras straight sword. OT: any BFG like weapon because most of the time you're going to be saving the ammo untill the end credits and sometimes it killes you if you fire it in the wrong spot.
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    Name your Game Company

    War wolf of the west or if i want to be even more silly White War Wolf of the West.
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    Videogame characters you share your name with.

    Well i think there is one guy from fire emblem with the name linus.
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    Characters they need to kill off.

    why would they kill cole they ended the series? or is there a InFamous 3 i have not heard about? OT: new dante as fast as possible.