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    AT&T and Verizon: 10Mbps Is Too Fast For Broadband

    *stunned* seriously? I just checked to be sure. The slowest connection I can get with my cable provider is 50Mbit. THE SLOWEST! On DSL I can go as low as.. brace yourselves.. 10Mbit. And the fun part is. I'm almost willing to bet that next year around this time but will be higher. (Just...
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    Crytek: 8GB RAM Will be a Limiting Factor For PS4/Xbox One Development

    So yeh, they both have 8Gb.. of shared RAM. On my pc I got 8Gb of System RAM and 6Gb of Video RAM. People seem to forget that on pc we got separate graphics card with their own memory. I saw a comment somewhere about The last of us. that it was done with just 512Mb. True, 720p/30 with...
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    Jimquisition: Fun Pay Wall

    No that's for the next verse. Which will be release tomorrow as DLC.
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    Valve haters, vs Valve fanboys. DRM and Why do some people hate Valve and steam?

    I get both sides up to a point. For Steam, I myself don't "love" it but I use it. And why wouldn't I? +Its the best platform out there. +Doesn't exclude other publishers (except those that willingly stay away). +sales (although its a curse to, why did I buy some of the games i own...)...
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    Eye-rolling-ly Stupid Deaths in Games

    In numerous FPS games. Twitch react to an enemy that appears either behind or next to me. And only then think that it wasn't to smart to have a rocket launcher selected. Also getting killed by havok(tm) physics is a favorite. A small pebble, book or anything with a hitbox and a mass of next...
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    Now that Fallout 4 is being teased, what would you like to see in the next installment?

    -One feature I would like is a dynamic worldmap in the way of Planet Side 2 / just cause 2. If you choose to help the NCR they would slowly take over the map. With the other side of course fighting back and sometimes winning back some land. And not like in NV where you find a slaughtered NCR...
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    Mars One Releases Astronaut Open Call Qualifications

    So wait.. The folks that were in the test rig in syberia for over a year got all depressed and stuff. And that was just a test and they knew they were still on earth and they would get out. So keep the depressed part but remove the rest. Why do I have the feeling we are gonna be watching 4...
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    Games you never found another player of (or even heard of)

    I played the hell out of Raptor back in the day. My uncle had it on his pc, when I came over I almost killed the keyboard playing it :D Also Jill of the Jungle and Cosmo. For Raptor check Good old Games. And pickup Tyrian 2000 to. Same Idear but a lot more guns :D Also.. Raptor + Monkey code...
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    Announcing The Escapist's Five Favorites of 2012

    True, this is free stuff. But if i order stuff from the US a lot of sites won't send it to the Netherlands. I have to work via company's in the UK to get it here. Has something to do with laws. But its just crazy. I can order and pay for it, but they can't send stuff to my door. It has to go...
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    Announcing The Escapist's Five Favorites of 2012

    "United States, UK, Australia, or Canada" Why the UK but not the rest of the EU? :( I live so close the the Uk I could take my bike and be there in half a day (if there was asphalt instead of water). Almost every site does this with their competitions. Why? Seriously, why?
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    PlanetSide 2 Review

    That the whole point isn't it ;) It takes weeks to get only 1 weapon. Or just 7 dollars. But think about what you just said. And lets say it takes 1.5 weeks to get those 1000 points. Now lets take WoW. New patch, new dungeon, new item tier. How long do you think it will take most people to...
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    Darkly funny quotes

    "Incest? They should keep it a family affair."
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    RTFM: Remembering the Forgotten Manuals

    Looks at his latest addition. Diablo 3, small booklet "quickstart guide" with some background information about Sanctuary and all the classes you can play with some nice artwork. Not bad. *Looks at his game cabinet Crusader No Remorse -A 23 page "Anti Terrorist Site Security" Manual for...
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    Do most gamers even care about innovation?

    A game it self doesnt have to be innovative for it to have innovations ;) The quest mechanic for instance. If you have been to a dungeon before, a quest giver would never send you to that dungeon. Ok, the quests themselves were pretty mediocre (kill this guy) but the mechanic is pretty innovative.
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    Do most gamers even care about innovation?

    There are always people who will yell and scream if their favourite game gets a sequel and they change things. But those are only a small group of peoples. The majority doesn't care much. For instance, (and yes I'm gonna use CoD as an example) CoD hasn't really changed anything besides some...