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    #161: Elements of Crystals

    Erin is going to do a terrible and funny thing shortly i'm sure... or be mind controled too but she only had one can so we shall see? Also being mind controlled in your own imaginary world might be considered really mentally ill, as that means your prime personaility is not in control... and...
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    Torment: Tides of Numenera Delayed to 2017, Techland Steps in to Publish

    Yeah got my code the other night, quite happy about that but with the way i get around to playing games 1st quarter 2017 sounds fine for me.
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    Watch the First Teaser for the New Star Trek Series Right Here

    OK not the most all knowing Star Trek nerd in exsistance but looking at the three planets shown, earth clearly as said above but maybe the other two are... Qo'noS and a shattered Romulus(following the wonky sci fi logic of star trek online that anything could survive a supoernova). Not sure but...
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    #111: Point Blank

    Space marines can be very over powered but gunny is going to come out of this more battered than ever tbh.
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    #106: Runners

    Space marines inserted into almost any game results in madness... Halo borrowed them and well thats all madness fun but as insane as Cortana(which was terrible writing), games workshop is madness as normal(and may sue us all one day as frankly they're better at that than making games or figures...
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    #105: Mighty Steed

    Thats getting eaten before the end of this chapter.
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    New Warcraft Movie Trailer Shows Off New Footage, Magic

    I frankly am sitting on the fense on this one... it'll either be terrible or a masterstroke there is no middle ground, god help us all, it'll be extreemly something? and i'm praying for good. P.S The trailer music was awful.
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    Baldur's Gate Gets New Siege of Dragonspear Expansion

    A game I truely love, I will be picking this up asap, thanks for the reminder and cannot wait for a bit more of good old D&D action in the Realms. On a side note i really liked the realms as a setting before the end of 3.5 anything before 4th just felt a better more whole universe of...
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    20 Outrageous Tweets by Microsoft's Twitter-Taught AI Chatbox

    Dear god AI isn't a threat to us its hilarious, comedy gold in fact... damn you microsoft, she was the internet incarnate you can't kill freedom like that... lol. Seriously love this idea GJ trying MS frankly could have gone worse at least she didn't have the nuke codes.
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    Warner Bros. Already Planning a Suicide Squad Sequel

    Trailers still look slightly cheap at times, keeps worrying me. But I know alot of DC fan boys/girls dying for this to be good. We will see but this film should have been a 15/18(or R rated for those in the states) like Deadpool, think this film walks a very fine line to actually be good.
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    Humble Bundle Rolls Into RPGs With Huge Pathfinder Bundle

    I own alot of roleplay stuff and play pathfinder with my RP group weekly although we'll be switching to Iron Kingdoms in a couple of months for a break. I paid $1 into the bundle on a whim as i own pretty much everything on offer but hey my core book is battered as its nice to have a digital...
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    John McAfee Will Hack the San Bernardino Phone to Save America

    McAfee is a legend in his own life time, he walks where men dare to tread and did it all while high as a kite. frankly if the FBI were not litrtally trying to screw perosnal data security i'd say call his bluff I'm sure he'd do it somehow.
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    Donald Rumsfeld Has Released an Incredibly Frustrating Mobile Game

    It all goes to charity, but I can probally buy two decks of cards and play it on a table and donate to a charity I want to support for a little more but hey people love apps.
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    Kojima And del Toro Will Host a Conference at DICE Summit

    This will be worth watching, two people who deserve to be listened to as masters of their arts.
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    Ant Simulator Dev Says Partners Blew Money on Bars and Strippers - Update

    If its true or close too then bloody hell, can't see him dropping the game entirely unless it really had a good reason and then wanting to continue to make more games. Sucks to be him and really sad for the backers as well lets not forget them.