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    Stormcloaks are too mainstream.

    Speaking as an imperial supporter it's worth noting that one of the Stormcloak replaced Jarls has a housecarl who is an argonian (Teeba-Ei) that sounds surprisingly progressive, but that obviously doesn't alleviate concerns of racism within the Stormcloaks.
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    Historical "facts" and popular representations of histrical figures that are wrong

    Speaking as someone who didn't know his tactics during Little Bighorn/Greasy Grass I can't speak for the idiot part, but I will say as someone who knows more about the actions preceding that battle that calling him a heroic martyr is incredibly dumb. Also I was not aware that Custer was still...
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    Obsidian Lost Bonus for Fallout: New Vegas by One Metacritic Point

    It's bullshit scores which can be affected heavily if a critic has a grudge against a developer or franchise. I wish more critics would give detailed reviews to games without an arbitrary number so this bullshit would be less likely to occur.
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    Poll: Assassin's Creed III : Will there be butthurt ?

    I can think of no less then five people involved in politics that will lose their collective shit if this game is depicted with any historical accuracy.
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    PETA: Mario is Pro Fur

    And PETA once again completely fails to deliver a proper message and instead makes themselves look like stupid assholes with no sense of humor.
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    Dragon Age Summons DLC To Tabletop RPG

    It's typically a bad idea for a DM to put a famous character in as an NPC because no matter what alignment they play their first instinct is "KILL IT BREAK CANON!" Spoony actually tells a really amusing story about his party trying to kill Darth Vader.
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    Are MW3 fans...unstable?

    We're seriously having this conversation on a website where we regularily rebuke the idea that games cause violence? I don't like MW3 (almost entirely because of the people I've had to deal with online), but I'm not about to claim that it's fans are all a bunch of raving lunatics.
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    Just why is PC gaming the master race?

    PC gaming is far better in terms of how it plays then console gaming and anything you can do on a console can be done on a PC and usually better. HOWEVER there are two major things that should be mentioned: 1. Consoles don't need to be upgraded as often (usually only a hard drive change) which...
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    The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

    I now live in Ashan well I guess I'd head over to the Pao Islands and help free more orcs.
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    Out-Of-Work Borders Employees Deliver an Honest Farewell

    Now I'm really sad they're going out of business.
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    B&E with 1 item

    Is gravity an acceptable answer? Because if I had the ability to break into a home and take all the gravitational pull I would do it. If not I'd take the walls and leave all the support beams or I'd take their lightbulbs. This would be easier if I could leave something to drive them insane...
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    How do you think your parents would react if they went through your internet browsing history?

    A general lack of surprise at the porn (which I admit and talk about quite openly) and annoyance at the sheer number of things I visit that disagree with their political and philosophical views (which I also talk about quite openly).
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    BioWare May (Eventually) Go For A Mass Effect MMO

    I remember awhile back telling my friends this is one of the few non-MMO to MMO setups that I would embrace with open arms. Glad to see it might happen.
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    Heavy Rain Creator: "The U.S. Has Problems With My Games"

    The thing is I actually partially agree with him alot of the people marketing games in the U.S. don't seem to have a high opinion as to the games American gamers will enjoy. What makes Cage look like an asshole is that his games specifically didn't do well because they're dull (though Heavy...
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    Study Claims Videogame Mechanics Persist in Real Life

    I am pretty much the perfect example of this study. Too much New Vegas and I'll try to enter VATS. Too much Minecraft I start to see things in terms of building with blocks. Too much Portal and I start to see potalable surfaces then I become sad when I realise I do not own a portal gun. Too...