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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    Grange Hill music! Genuinely made me laugh, that takes me back to watching BBC children's telly in the early 90's. (Blue Peter theme next week?) On topic: I absolutely agree Jim that apologists for the games industry should not shift the blame for product dissatisfaction onto the consumer...
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    The Big Picture: Batfleck

    I'm waiting to see what Afleck does with the role. It will be interesting none the less. I don't know if anyone's batted around this idea for a 'verses' movie but here goes: What if it turns out to be this: Clark Kent is instructed to investigate reports of the Caped Crusader in Gotham...
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    The Big Picture: Continuity Wars

    Ok, as a long time fan of EU books (The Truce at Bakura is in my top 5 books I re-read to death pile) I agree that some of it can, at times be silly (an ex-imperial admeral becoming leader of the GA, c'mon, really?!), at times, undermine its own mythology (are jedi telephathic or not, make up...
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    One word of advice to give to your children?

    "Don't... marry.... a Vogon..." OK in all seriousness: "Be brave, not just against man-eating genetically altered tigers but in everything."
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    Fund Raising Ideas: Help?

    Those are some great ideas! Thanks! I especially like the idea of wearing a silly outfit for a week. :-)
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    Fund Raising Ideas: Help?

    Hello Escapists! So recently I've had the urge to do some fund raising for a number of causes that I feel rather passionate about, however I've learnt that one of them is in worse financial strights that I realised so I really want to kick my fund raising into high gear. Only problem... I'm...
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    Do you like your name?

    I like my full name (I have iliterative initials) but wierdly I've had a love-hate relationship with my full-time nickname. I chose it myself but regretted it partly because although it was unique in my school as a shortening of my name it got me a lot of stick, that and people saying it wrong...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Artist

    Umm, Bob, you probably should have lead with 'Mel Brooks did this YEARS ago' bit. Anyway, I actually think 'singing in the rain; does a good job of documenting the transition from silent movies to 'talkies' and it has a 'roper charecter arch for the female love interest. She loves him as a fan...
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    The year is ending...what's your greatest accomplishment?

    Hmmm, I'm proud that I've kept my first ever relationship going for a whole year, I'm proud that I got a First for my first year of University, I'm proud that I knitted a Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf, I'm proud I read several academic textbooks cover to cover... But I don't really know what my...
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    NASA Can't Find Its Moon Rocks

    That is... I'm actually speachless that a scientific instituation would be so lase-far with irriplaceable samples. My geology coarse dept has fragments of meteorites worth hundreds of pounds and there are certainly less moon rocks on this planet than meteorites! It annoys me when people don't...
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    People need to be in a relationship to be "complete"...?

    I don't think anyone does really feel 'complete' when in a relationship that is to say any more complete than they would as a well-ajusted human being. They'll feel loved, wanted, needed, cared for, cherished, nurtured, encouranced et al, but those things that help you feel emotionally...
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    SOPA: So what can the rest of the world do about it?!

    I see. Yeah, I definately agree that the big knock will be to sites that rely heavily on a very large preportion of english speaking users.
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    SOPA: So what can the rest of the world do about it?!

    (I did a search, I don't think this has come up yet, sorry if it has, anyway,) Ok folks, I'll be brief, all this PROTECT IP and SOPA stuff has been kicking around the internet in full force recently. But riddle me this, this is an American bill that will having reaching enough powers that any...
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    Something Important Happens on 11/11/11 (Not Another Skyrim Thread)

    I've been wearing my poppy today. I studies the First World War as part of my English A level (WWI literature) and I found the whole thing very profound and very important that we don't forget about what happened. It's not just part of British History but the history of the world, if we...
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    Bisexuality doesn't exist

    Wow, first off might I say that of the comments I've read some really interesting stuff has already come up in this thread. Ok, now for my tu'penny worth: I'm stright. In fact, I'm so stright I've never felt inclined to even label myself as that. I think that's a good way for all of us to...