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    The Big Picture: With Great Power

    One of the common themes of dissenting opinion to this video is effect vs. desire. I.e., "We never wanted to be mainstream culture, so that means we should be fighting against mainstream culture now that they took all our favorite things." While I can understand why people could get angry at...
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    Titanic Conflagration

    I was kind of hoping that poor ol' Don Mattrick's final pose would be to clutch the Xbox One against his chest, trying to protect it from the flames. But then again, the internet can take only so many references to the White Phosphorous incident from Spec Ops: The Line. ...Still isn't...
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    The Big Picture: Boy's Own Adventure

    I spent a good twenty minutes thinking of something I could write up. An examination of American conservative news pundits. The cynical marketing minds at the Hub (and their connection to the Hasbro corporation). The shift in perception of gender roles in the past 50 years. Cautious optimism for...
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    Jimquisition: Damn Fine Coffee

    The game itself was a product of pure, unrestrained vision. The MARKETING for the game (re: box art, TV adverts, etc) was the product of going wrist deep into a frat boy's anus and sniffing your hand afterwards to see what they like. ...Unless my definition of "brofist" is completely...
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    Jimquisition: Damn Fine Coffee

    I was browsing through the Battlelog forums one day (please, I beg you, don't make that same mistake), and saw a massive amount of threads asking to put a Zombies-type mode in Battlefield. The most common explanation given (okay, second most, because a majority didn't bother justifying the need)...
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    Poorly Reviewed Games You Enjoyed

    Brink. The world was more than brown/gray military junk, the character customization was right around Saints Row in terms of all out craziness, and objective-based gameplay that actually encouraged players to work together as a team. Shame that the "shooting" part of this first person shooter...
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    Join the Fight With The Escapist Live in Dust 514

    Well now. Working with slash competing against staff writers in a game I'm actually somewhat decent at? Color me intrigued enough to forget the fact I'm still equipped with scrub gear for the most part. not very good.
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    Justifying Your Love For Overrated/Flat Out Bad Games

    There's nothing wrong with enjoying a title that isn't quite properly constructed. ...except it's damn near impossible to find someone else playing Brink at the same time as me. -__-"
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    Poll: Men only subject - do you shave?

    My shaving routine goes something like this. 1. Shave, wait five minutes, shave again due to missing a few patches. 2. Wait 2-3 months for full goatee and patchy sides to grow in 3. Think to self "I'm sick of getting things stuck in my 'stache while I eat," make note to shave that night...
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    No Right Answer: Comedian Who Was Funny

    Despite the fact that he was mentioned in the debate, I'm of the mind that Eddie Murphy fell further than either Carrey or Sandler. His SNL sketches? Consistently well-written and acted. His first batch of movies (re: Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America)? Still worth watching in this day and...
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    Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's PS4 Event?

    Don't care about the graphics, especially don't care for the tones that David Cage and Jonathan Blow used in their presentations, mildly interested in some of the features of the controller. But all that pales in comparison to my concerns about the internet connectivity of the console...
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    Escape to the Movies: A Good Day to Die Hard

    Coming Summer 2015... Autumn Hills Retirement Community faces its toughest challenge yet. A senile NYPD detective who single handedly saved the world five times. SHUT UP AND DIE HARD, ALREADY
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    ObsCure is Back From The Dead

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around why this is a bad thing. Take a barely remembered sixth-gen horror title, remake it as a 2D co-op shooter, and release it for about $10-15. Is it an old-school horror game anymore? If this "Zombie Boom Wahey" trailer is any indication, probably not. But...
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    Movie Defense Force: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    And here I thought more people would be irritated about the delay between videos than the subject matter of this new one... Back on the subject: Blair Witch 2 is one of those movies that suffers from the fact that the internet will only accept two types of films. "Best Ever" or "Irredeemable...
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    Erin and Hobbes #2

    Observation 1: As sad as I am to see even someone's id-stuffed tiger corrupted by Xbox Live, at least he hasn't learned to be a racist homophobe in the process. Observation 2: Am I the only one wondering what sort of problem-solving skills Calvin is learning from Kratos? "I can't reach the...