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    Zero Punctuation: Kid Icarus: Uprising

    I absolutely loved this game. The comedy was right up my alley, the controls never gave me much trouble, and the multiplayer is actually pretty fun. One thing that did bother me, and I'm surprised Yahtzee didn't bring this up, is that the levels can get pretty samey, and repetition sets in...
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    Skyward Sword

    Is it possible to completely agree with this and still like the game?
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    Escape to the Movies: The Sitter

    That Three Stooges trailer. Why aren't I laughing? There's physical comedy, goofy characters... so what are they doing wrong? Why aren't I laughing?
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    Jimquisition: Hate Out Of Ten

    I have to say, that was one of your better episodes. Very enjoyable. 7.4/10
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    Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

    What about Canvas Curse? Kirby's limbs are taken away, so you have to assist Kirby in murdering thousands of paint creatures. With a stick.
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    The main character from the last game you played, fights the character in the above post...

    Chell with her three step plan: 1. Portal above you 2. Portal beneath you 3. Walk away with the cake while you fall helplessly.
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    Jimquisition: Nintendo of America

    I heard the argument that Nintendo of America doesn't want to look weird and that these games would be bad for its image. To that I say this: No More Heroes. It's so weird. I look at Nintendo of Japan and Miyamoto, and I see people who love games and love people who play games. And yet...
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    Escape to the Movies: Hobo With a Shotgun

    That opening made me realize just how old movies are as a medium. And now I feel old thinking about the movies I watched as a kid.
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    Video Game Characters that it Would Suck to be

    Any given Silent Hill character. Especially if you hate psychology.
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    Extra Punctuation: The Big E3

    I thought the voice control for Mass Effect was pretty cool, and probably the only cool thing I've seen a gaming company do with Kinect, but yeah, I can see how it could go wrong.
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    Poll: Survey for Curiosity's Sake: Gender of MLP:FiM fans

    Male. I was resistant at first, but I love how character-centered it is. Not to mention the quality animation (not to be confused with QUALITY). And I've been feeling much more cheerful since I've started watching it.
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    Video Game themed Drinking Games?

    Fun Times. Turn on Sonic Unleashed. Play a day stage. Take a drink everytime Sonic says "WOO!"
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    Portal 2 Controversy?

    I can understand why it might be a bit uncomfortalbe having the subject thrown into the room like that, but I can't see it being any better if they had said adoption is awesome. Really, I just want to hear VALVe's word on all this.
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    306: Mickey's Epic

    Though I think you're right about Mickey being more badass in Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey does do one thing right: It makes Mickey flawed. He's too naive for his own good, he can be a bit selfish, and he sees conflicts in black and white (which they addressed in one of the Kingdom Hearts games I...