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    Poll: Please verify your age...

    But the internet is 40 years old :P In any case, I always lied on those things and will continue to do so just because there is no point to answering it truthfully. Just scroll down and click at random so you can get to the actual content faster.
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    Did You Like Dragon Age Origins??

    Best RPG in a long long time if you ask me. It has it's faults like most games, but the lore and characters make up for it easily.
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    Games that haven't been released but should

    Dungeon Keeper 3, Battlefront 3 and the original Fallout 3 (BIS version). Sure seems to be something with the number 3 huh?
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    Is there a developer who has never failed you?

    Blizzard, Bethesda, Bioware and Atlus. Never did care much for Half Life and Left 4 Dead so I hardly experienced anything Valve ever put out. I'd say Infinity Ward, but MW2 multiplayer has been a bit of a letdown. Singleplayer was awesome though. As far as the never failed part, it only...
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    Update: StarCraft II Will Not Support LAN

    Seems likely that they will though. I assume this is Blizzards form of DRM. I don't mind it that much as long as will be stable and always accessible.
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    Paedophiles go camping too...

    What Mr. Sarcasm said ;) Keep treating them like shit rather then trying to help them live with the affliction that they have. After they've done their time, people should be helped in trying to get back as a functioning member of society. For paedophiles this should of course come with...
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    Poll: Is the Stig Michael Schumacher?

    I'm on the 'Stig is several people' camp. So Schumacher may have been The Stig at some points, but not always.
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    Poll: the "attack" on the dutch royal house

    Yeah, I don't buy that story. He might've put a dent in a bus, but that is about it. As for cancelling the official festivities, seems like the good thing to do at a time like that. Queensday is a day we celebrate the monarchy and this monarchy was allegedly attacked.
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    I hate my computer, I really really do. Do you have electronics that break on you all the time?

    I go through headphones as normal people go through toilet paper. Also, mp3 players usually don't last long with me.
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    Review: Resident Evil 5

    Good thing it's just a shooter then. Seriously though, did anyone even get a startle out of this or was it just me that didn't see any horror anywhere? Seems like Resident Evil is more of a run and gun type of game now rather then the survival/horror it used to be.
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    Braid Creator Responds To PC Pricing Questions - UPDATED

    I usually pick up games after they drop a bit in price, however, they're still at least 30-40 bucks by then. I didn't really see the problem with the 20 buck price tag to be honest.
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    Midway Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    In the past they were good, I can't recall a recent game that remotely interested me though. Still, sucks to see them go.
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    StarCraft II Beta "In the Next Few Months"

    Meh, beta schmeta. Give me the full game.
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    Easiest World of Warcraft Quiz EVER - Winners Announced!

    Just received my book, awesome :D