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    The Vita Will "Die A Horrible Premature Death"

    As its been said...Im going to go with the memory card price being the arrow to the knee for the Vita... Handheld Game AND MEMORY card... Yeah that wont get expensive fast...
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    Aion Soars Free of Subscription Fees

    I played Aion a wee bit after was kinda fun... Played a Warrior w/ my friend playing was fun..the combos were cool..Spiritmaster was FUN as hell...but...the damn thing said I could fly...You could only fly in X area for Y seconds (the Y being alright) and then FUCK YOU...
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    Skullgirls Artist Weighs In on Sexism Controversy

    Hmm....cartoony fighter game with women beating each others ass... or an AXE depicting all women as cum guzzling whores when you use their product Which is moar sexist... This is all stupid...Stupid Crusades over Stupid Shit
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    Trailers: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Inquisitor Character Trailer

    Why does the armor look like shit... The Sorcerer looks like something from Brink with a dress and the other armor was so bathed in other game armor types of the MeleeCasterDress feel Also why does IT STILL LOOK CLUNKY!
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    Nicktoons Skips Buu Saga Goes Straight TO GT Dragon Ball Z was good... Dragon Ball Kai being the digital remaster of that...and they are going to lead right into the shitty bastard offspring...also you cant have GT w/o the Buu Saga... BLARGH!
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    Do you still watch Zero Punctuation every week?

    Ever since he offended my beloved.... JK Yes I do...Wednesday's crown
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    Buggiest game you ever played?

    Fallout New Vegas Love that game... but fuck all was it bugged
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    Skyrim - in memoriam

    It would appear you are bad luck with these people... Perhaps AutoSave or you going manly hardcore where you cry and say NOOOOOO and move on?
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    Poll: Would you be up for another Dragon Ball show?

    How about you just give the rest of the world the MMO... Therefore we dont have to go thru something bad like GT and can just the MMO and know the canon.
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    The Next Elder Scrolls

    Elder Scrolls VI Dwemer That would be really interesting...I dont know why but Blackreach makes me want to find the writer of the Elder Scrolls games...and give him shaking baby syndrome until he tells me what happens...
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    Invader Zim - Anyone a fan?

    Fan? Maybe. Enjoyed? Yes Also since Nicktoons replays it every so often (or a straight out Marathon during this summer) it was one of the better shows on....
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    Poll: Mists of Pandaria - Why all the hate?

    I quit... It looks...meh...mostly because WHEN YOU KILL GOD...Who else do you kill? EACH OTHER! MISTS OF PVP Yeah...was disappointed when its now Pandaland and PvP plus some other shit and magical Chinese blah blah blah lets make one race for both factions... I can see the next...
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    FOS RO DAH! What Shout(s) Do You Use?

    Strun Bah Qo - Storm Call Fus Ro Dah - Unrelenting Force Joor Zah Frul - Dragonrend Storm Call is hilarious as hell as it just calls in rain and then the PAIN begins!
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    7554: Vietnam's Call of Duty Coming Next Year

    Historical and Call of Duty post [email protected] and 1-3? Pfft.. Not possible.... Call of Duty should team up w/ .....ummm...Star Wars!.. Call of Vader: We are 501st...its cheap...cheesy..and Lucas and Activision all roll in money!
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    What is a Chav?

    The pictures seem to be...wiggers...but missing all the if an island of white people suddenly gained no knowledge of rap and dressed how they felt it would be... Also what is Coucil Housing?