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    Forgotten Gems Of Gaming.

    This was exactly what came to mind when I saw the thread title! There have been great third person action games since Oni but I've never played one that simulated exciting martial arts fights quite as well. The combat variety and the weight of every movement was incredible in that game
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    Expectations for Alien Isolation

    This is quite possibly the single most immersive game I've ever played. It's the sort of game that deserves the divisive reputation it already has though. It reminds me of Mirrors Edge a bit - it's an imperfect game but it does a few things incredibly well, and those things that it does well...
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    The Little Things In Life - Those special, small details in games

    Man, I don't know that I've ever seen a game put as much work into those sorts of details as Half Life 2. Have you read "Raising the Bar"? That thing is like a design bible to me. I have a soft spot for the first room where you encounter the Manhacks. I love that the guy was waiting in the...
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    Game features you like, but nobody else does?

    Good call! I wouldn't have thought of this but I totally agree with you! If the game is heavy on combat I find myself getting into the "flow" of it and not stopping to admire my surroundings. I actually like the moments where the game forcibly stops and makes you either solve a puzzle and take a...
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    Watch_Dogs is quite simply AMAZING!!!

    The problem with Watch Dogs is that it draws an immediate comparison with other sandbox driving games at all. You know why? Because it's almost identical. They could have made a game where you play as a fairly vulnerable hacker who has to use clever solutions to get through missions (like...
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    Game segments that made you need a break after. SPOILERS

    Truth... I played it after the full release so had all 5 at once. I figured I'd marathon them, but almost every episode made me put the controller down and reflect. 3 and 5 hit particularly hard. In a different way, there's a part in System Shock 2, I think it's in engineering, where you...
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    Scared of Watchdogs Good German stream going on right now of the free roam mode. Everything is on Ultra on the PC. Looks pretty solid to me
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    What is a 'good' console launch?

    A launch that shows promise for the future of games. Something where it looks like the technology is advancing and allowing us to tell new stories in ways we never could before. ie: Not more of the same with better graphics and unnecessary social networking applications
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    Robert Kirkman's New Demonic Comic To Get TV Treatment

    I definitely agree with you on those points. Unfortunately, the film industry will likely just keep cashing in on the usual superheroes until that stops working. But I get the impression that the superhero film genre is inflated so heavily that its going to burst not too far down the line. Do...
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    When criticism kept you from buying a game you REALLY wanted

    Yahtzees' review of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs turned me off to it. I may pick it up some day, but I really have no interest in playing an interactive story (as opposed to game) that doesn't seem to have any replay value at all. Oh, and reviews kept me from playing Dishonored since they gave...
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    Robert Kirkman's New Demonic Comic To Get TV Treatment

    Oh yeah, I've read stuff from Vaughan and Ellis. Both are brilliant. Transmetropolitan is a bit older now but it's ripe for adaptation if it got into the right hands.
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    Robert Kirkman's New Demonic Comic To Get TV Treatment

    Just out of curiosity which writers come to mind that are better than Kirkman? I'm not that up to date on comics, but I love stand-alone original series. Walking Dead is the only series I'm current on.
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    Hypothetical concept: Memory Lost

    Oooh, I hate to double post, but I just thought of something. Remember how in Phoenix Wright you would explore a static image of a room full of contents, and when you clicked on something "useable" you would get more information or add it to your inventory? In that game you were looking for...
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    Hypothetical concept: Memory Lost

    Let me make a suggestion OP. You started the post talking about a game idea. Then you described your game as "kind of point and click" and a "mystery game". Then you proceeded to tell the story of the game for the rest of the post. You mentioned later that you haven't thought much about the...