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    Steven Universe Corrupted Gems question

    Interesting ideas I gleamed from earlier posts: Jasper finding/fusing/(forcefully) with the cluster Steven Getting smaller Forced Fusions to become more clam happier with their present state if no full restructuring is quickly done. Though I'm thinking the Temple's Gem Collection will likely...
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    Why aren't there any Starfighter games being made?

    StarHawk the follow up to WarHawk both on Playstation 3 (at least?) Had Aircraft the covert to walker mode and flight and even worked in space though if you mean a primary flight space combat vehicle game it's was a big part of StarHawk but not the only thing since all maps and a ground game...
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    So the R rated Extended Cut of Batman v Superman will come to Theaters.

    I wasn't trying to say he killed everyone all the time but during this movie he never showed remorse about it or the guy he branded which again I believe was recently started but was Alfred stressing the fact he died after being sparred or the part that Bruce Branded him? Bruce threatens to...
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    So the R rated Extended Cut of Batman v Superman will come to Theaters.

    If i recall correctly only two known people have been branded by the bat but that was back before we knew as the audience he was okay with killing criminals in the streets so it's kind of a moot point in the aftermath of it all to Bruce or it should be at least... Why would Alfred even bring it...
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    Poll: Captain America: Civil War -- Choose your side!

    Not exactly the same thing. Some versions of gun rights don't want to take away or limit use but start off with are people qualified and safe to be around them and or other people not so much as you can't leave the house with a gun after 2pm without a government note. And with powered people...
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    Should a head-shot always be a one-shot-kill?

    If the enemy can be one shot in the head it's only fair that you can be too so if the game wants that to be an option it has to be even the only time the rules change is when there are weak points players never have one if the enemy does unless it's flanking/backstabbing damage like with the...
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    Disney May Pull Marvel Productions From Georgia Over Anti-Gay Law

    A lot of things work "with" China so Disney isn't alone on it but Gay rights believers (people of it and supporters) are growing in percentage so being on the side that says no don't do it doesn't cost them anything to say if Georgia does it and there's push back from corporations working with...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Cast Front and Center on New Empire Covers

    Maybe she's using her powers to look like she's wearing a uniform or they made a special fabric for her.
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    Sausage Party- an animated film for adults

    The bun looking, being and acting like female anatomy is a new idea, not that I'm holding that against the movie I just wanted to point that out. Oh Canada, never change. On a side,(pun not intended) think there will be a joke in the film real...
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    Amazon Patent Would Let You Pay By Using a Selfie

    I think the idea is you save your payment info to your phone or what have you and authorize selfie mood then it unlocks your payment method with showing the details to anyone so it would mean they'd need to know the payment info as well or still the device you're using. provided pictures don't...
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    Amazon Patent Would Let You Pay By Using a Selfie

    The best option would be to still have a password option if lighting or other obstructions occur at rare times like in a costume, make-up, medical gear, recently injured or etc. would mean your face isn't what "you" should appear to be or your light doesn't work.
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    Snipers viable still in Xcom 2? Also general strategy talk

    Snipers never get to a point where the base rifle can kill most things on it's own, but with Dragon rounds or Bluescreen they can just about murder anything they hit or Dragon rounds kill next turn. What I tend to do is almost always Bring one sniper it's fairly easy to have them keep up either...
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    Batman v Superman Goes Full Grimdark, Approves R-Rated Alternate Cut

    Right but I don't think filming was done before Deadpool first announced it would have an R-rating or planned to go to lengths to get one since you receive a rating and not just say what you want it to be. so whether or not they started filming everything and cut what the MPAA would consider it...
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    "Why don't they emphasis penises like that?!"

    I don't know if the written comic details were changed for the animated movie or not but in the movie Superman created a serum that gave Lois his powers for 24 hours after he got super charged by flying to close to the sun and became super intelligent among other things. The suit was just to...
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    8 of the Most Time Consuming Anime

    Gundam isn't in total a straight time line containing everything in one universe Build Fighter see to that for sure. But the other series mentioned attempt to follow the same people or timeline even with time skips like Naruto or Dragon Ball.