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    Poll: An offer: $2.5 million for literally everything you own

    Everything I own includes my Pokemon save files. So no can do.
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    The "Not Doing Star Wars" List

    I know Kevin Smith had to reassure his fans that there's no way they'd let him make one.
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    The Big Bang Theory?

    I actually really liked the first two seasons, but the later stuff makes me see why everybody hated it in the first place. That said, I remember a time in which people on the internet DID like it as the "good" alternative to Two and a Half Men. Then out of nowhere it became a huge punching...
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    Dubbed verse Subbed

    I used to be a hardcore sub watcher but now I prefer dubs, even the bad ones. Although these days it's usually a pretty safe bet that the dub will be at least as good as the Japanese version.
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    Any games in 2011 brake into your top ten games of all time?

    Portal 2 broke my top 5.
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    What is your favorite anime series?

    I think of phases in my life as either "before One Piece" or "after One Piece".
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    your geek-ringtone

    Right now I've got the Den-Den Mushi/Transponder Snail from One Piece.
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    Have you heard the new Silent Hill 2 voices?

    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn... directing. AWESOME. One of the greatest VAs of all time doing direction. I also heard Liam O'Brien, which is weird. But people will hate it, for the same reason that people who watch subbed hate the dubbed version and vice versa. It doesn't sound like how you...
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    Have you heard the new Silent Hill 2 voices? So yeah, the Silent Hill HD collection is going to have a new voice cast to replace the old and a preview has been given. And it's disgusting. Seriously, while I would have missed the old cast I would have embraced the new ones had they been genuinely better (which...
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    ESRB Gives Arkham City a Teen Rating

    I realize there exists gritty re-imaginings of Batman, but is this really news? Do so many people consider Batman to be a mature-audience only franchise? This baffles me.
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    what are the names of manga/anime that when you hear it, you just cant stop blabbering about it?

    Oh yeah, One Piece. Whenever somebody brings it up they are giving me a license to take over the next two hours of conversation for myself.
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    Is the Legend of Zelda a... JRPG?

    I always figured Zelda to be a fantasy themed sandbox/puzzle game.
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    Best Anime Episode Ever

    It was episode 2 of FLCL that made realize how special the show is. To this day I can reflect on the very bizarre emotional atmosphere that episode left me, and it's unlike anything I've ever felt before.
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    Microsoft Not Jumping on the HD Remake Bandwagon

    I'm actually really excited to see more and more games get HD remasters. I dream of a day in which the entire history of games is available officially from the publishers in some form of another. It's best that they be made HD/Widescreen friendly while they're at it.
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    What is your all time favourite anime?

    Absolutely One Piece. The more the world expands the more meaning and purpose everything has. And through that it has built one power house of a mythology. That and afro-wielding skeleton musicians...