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    Poll: Masturbation and you.

    1. Female 2. About 6 times a week 3. Nope 4. Yes 5. Uhh... I think to an extent 6. Decrease 7. Healthy 8. Yes
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    Your hangover cures.

    Greasy food. Burgers, KFC, full english breakfast. Then I might feel sick and regret it.
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    No, but I have nothing against it. I hate that I would be uncomfortable with it, I have no reason to be and wish I didn't care, but I think dating-wise, it would bother me.
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    Tired of Being a Loser

    Go to every possible social event you can. That way, even if you don't talk much (although you have to talk a bit) and don't really know anyone, you become One Of The Guys Thats Just Always At The Parties. People will invite you just because you're always there, and thats the way it is, and this...
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    Jim Sterling says PS+ humiliates the game industry

    What was your reason? Why choose xbox live over ps3?
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    Poll: Borderlands 2 Writer debate over twitter about the racist Tiny Tina

    Hey, I haven't got much to say but I really like the way you've displayed your point! My personal opinion: I don't think TT is racist, when I was playing I did think about how she was speaking in a 'black' but it never struck me as offensive.
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    Games you never found another player of (or even heard of)

    I've heard of it! For me, it's Bully - I know everyones heard of it but I swear no one's ever played it... unfortunately
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    My sister screwed up

    That's really shit for your sister, but there's nothing you can really do about it. Grade 9 is like, year 10 in Britain right? Personally, I got drunk multiple times with my friends during year 10, and we all turned out all right - America has a tendency to go over the top with these things. So...
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    The year is ending...what's your greatest accomplishment?

    I was already a fairly confident person, but I grew even more in confidence this year. SOrted out my wardrobe a bit. Started properly revising.
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    What is a Chav?

    A chav is meant to be an annoying kid who hangs out on street corners and threatens people etc But unfortunately it seems the middle class often get muddled up with "chav" and "working class" -.-
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    gamers.... divided?

    I like COD and Skyrim, I'm a HYBRID gamer :)
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    Poll: Do you believe in the pedobear Catholic priest stereotype?

    Of course I don't believe that stereotype, stereotypes barely ever represent groups.
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    Poll: Attention Idiots on Playstation

    I have literally never got messages like this and have almost had my PS3 for 2 years :/
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    Taking bansturbation to a new level of stupid

    Sorry, what? What is this bansturbation?
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    Poll: John Lewis Advert

    Overreaction. People should get the fuck over it really.