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    Developer Apologizes for Accidentally Threatening Kittens

    Cats and Dogs have been a part of human life for thousands of years, Dogs have nearly always been faithful companions to men and women. Cats have been idolised since the Ancient Egyptians
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    Developer Apologizes for Accidentally Threatening Kittens

    Threaten babies or young children all you want. Threaten a kitten ... you are worse than Hitler!
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    What are you playing right now?

    Well in my last week of gaming before I go to uni, I'm playing through the Fallout New Vegas DLC. And as always for the past 3 years, I'm playing TF2
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    Giant-Headed Game of Thrones Dolls Are Coming

    I want them all! That White-Walker is clearly the best thought. Although aren't Lannisters famous for their blonde hair and Tyrion's mismatched eyes? Dany should have Drogon (Black) and Viserion (White) with her as well.
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    The New Class

    It's funny how crazy popular Breaking Bad has gotten this past year or so, It's been around for 4 years now, and before March I'd never even heard of the show, now I'm more addicted to this show than meth!
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    Say something nice about Mass Effect 3.

    The multiplayer mode was awesome, one of the best unnecessary multiplayer modes I've seen.
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    Im tired of "Better Graphics" being a major argument of PC vs. Console

    Really it's all about getting the most out of what you pay for, you could pay £40 for a game on the Xbox/PS3 and get 30 hours out of it. Or pay £30 for a game on Steam and get 100+ hours out of it. Thanks to places like Nexus mods and the Steam Workshop, additional content is never more than a...
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    What type of gamer annoys you most?

    I hate gamers that are better than me! On a more serious note however, I really hate the people online that constantly chat shit through their mics, I don't need to hear your high pitched screaming, breathing or you going "ahhhh" "shit" "ohhhh" and the rest of that crap! There is a reason...
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    Characters that you disliked, but grew to like in the end.

    Jaime Lannister, in Game of Thrones he was Captain **** In Clash of Kings, he was just a bit of a douche In Storm of Swords he started to be pretty cool and decent and then in Feast for Crows he was my favourite character in the book
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    Stupid conspiracys

    The best stupid conspiracy is that Kyle took a dump in the urinal, and is behind 9/11
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    Decent super hero games?

    I'd definitely recommend Spiderman Web of Shadows, that was an awesome game (would recommend it on the PS3) Other awesome superhero games: X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men Legends (1 and 2) Batman Arkham Asylum + City Lego Batman
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    What is this obsession with framerates over 30FPS?

    The human eye sees roughly at 24 frames per second, 30 is pretty close to this, so the movement seems only sightly more fluid at 30FPS. But 60FPS is the rough maximum for most TVs and monitors (usually in the 50-70 Hz range, but 3D at 120Hz) therefore at 60FPS you can get the most fluid movement...
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    What does fallout 3 do better then fallout new vegas

    Well seeings as Fallout New Vegas is about how Vegas was spared from the worst, it would be a little bit weird to have it all as destroyed as DC. I found New Vegas a lot more interesting to play than FO3, because FO3 was too dark and enclosed most of the time, I felt like I spent most of my...
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    What old game would you love to have a HD update of.

    Well from what I've seen of the PC version, it's definitely an HD version, it was at least running at 720 (I was watching on my laptop that runs at 720p so it could have been 1080) rather than 480.
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    What old game would you love to have a HD update of.

    Dude, just play TLC on the PC, the graphics hold up brilliantly!