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    The Big Picture: The Fall of Kevin Smith, Part III

    Totally up for the Jack Black retrospective. Not 16 episodes mind. And not for a while. Need a few episodes about 80s cartoons to cleanse the palate first. Sharky & George or something. As for KS, seems the issue is that he didn't live up to Bob's unrealistic expectations. I'm not...
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    Bananas, racist?

    Edit: Double post
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    Bananas, racist?

    I think you're just trying to be contrarian here. Throwing bananas and making monkey signs at black footballers is unfortunately a long running tradition in Europe, and it really is an unambiguous gesture. It's been happening for as long as black players have existed which, in itself is not as...
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    The Big Picture: MovieBob's Worst of 2013

    Actually find Bob's constant trolling of Man of Steel (and any DC related movie projects) quite funny now. He'd made his mind up before he saw it, enjoyed it despite himself, and has spent the rest of the year trying to retro fit his prejudged opinion to the actual movie. I'd be willing to bet...
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    Poll: Scotch

    Pedantic I know, but scotch != bourbon. OT - Yes I like my scotch but it doesn't like me! I prefer the smokey taste you get from the Islay malts - Laguvalin is my favourite. I echo the recommendation to go to a tasting if you get the chance, it's amazing how different they can all taste...
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    Good 'party' songs

    Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy. If you will insist then this should be all the inspiration you need:
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    Poll: A thought on American Idol and similar shows.

    I can't think of anything worse than watching a show full of songs written by the kind of people who go on TV Talent shows. It would be full of middle class teenage douchebags playing their angsty acoustic guitar shite. Original music does not always equal good music.
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    2013 Ashes :- Cricket Game two

    Well that was a great game, hard luck Aussies, hopefully England won't throw all their wickets away in the first innings again next time though. Interesting that Haddin didn't walk after he edged it at the end there though, eh? ;)
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    2013 Ashes :- Cricket Game two

    You know that the England cricket team represents Wales as well, right? The ECB stands for the England and Wales Cricket Board, England play some home games in Cardiff, and Welsh players play for England. I don't know any Welsh cricket fans who don't support England, it's their team as well...
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    Escapist News Now: Fans Petition Microsoft For DRM

    This looks like a bad piece of astroturf that's been hijacked by trolls.
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    Why Kinect Would Make For A Bad Spying Device

    I did. And I was responding to them. Being able to put a pillow on it doesn't mean anything, because most people won't. Having an unstable internet connection doesn't matter, because it doesn't need to be connected all the time. It could collect data quite happily offline and slowly...
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    Why Kinect Would Make For A Bad Spying Device

    How much has their userbase dropped since introducing dashboard ads? I would imagine not very much. You know what they say about boiling a frog? I don't hate Kinect at all. I certainly won't be bringing one into my home, but that doesn't mean I hate it. I was just responding to your point...
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    Why Kinect Would Make For A Bad Spying Device

    Sure, if they did it today. But they'll implement it bit by bit, over a number of years, and slowly but surely people will accept it. I'd rather we didn't set off down that slippery slope in the first place. 10 years ago the idea of having to pay to play games online would have been...
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    Why Kinect Would Make For A Bad Spying Device

    There's different types of spying. Sure, if I'm worried that Microsoft want to spy on ME individually for some reason, and I know about it in advance, then I could stick a pillow on it and be fine. It would be more efficient for Microsoft to break into my house and install a bug in my living...
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    If Xbox One can be used offline, then was the Cloud a lie?

    Yes, it turned out that the INFINITE POWER OF THE CLOUD was a lie. Same thing with SimCity, they said the cloud would be handling all these extra calculations etc, and then someone got the game to work perfectly offline so it turned out to be a lie. Someone really needs to put this question...