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    Legion: The Gears of War Universe

    I did say that there was about 20mins of backstory included which, lets be fair, isn't quite the magnum opus that Epic would want you to believe. I'd also argue against your second point, that there were many subtle hints regarding Marcus' and Dom's past in the first game. There is a tiny...
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    Legion: The Gears of War Universe

    You neatly summed up the reason why many people assume this is just another meat-headed shoot-em-up; the fact that none of what you've described above is conveyed throughout the game. At all. You get maybe...20mins of backstory and character development (if that) in an 8hr+ game. Unless the...
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    Whats the ultimate wtf music video?

    *Head explodes* L. Wrex
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    Modren warfare: a review of the bad

    I find this statement to be laughable. I thoroughly enjoyed the SP on the original COD:MW and will probably enjoy this one as well. I, personally, hated MW's MP as it was a complete meat-grind getting to know the maps, as you got constantly slaughtered by people 'throw-n-hoping' or being able to...
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    Dragon age review for Xbox 360

    I didn't want to justify this purely toll-ing thread by posting a response but I've typed this much so may as well carry on... All things said and done, a purely awful review. Short, uninteresting, unoriginal, no explanation or depth into why you arbitrarily gave the sub-scores that you did...
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    Review: Saw the Video Game (Music)

    This review, whilst good content-wise, is a grammar disaster. Random capitalisation, sentences broken up almost on a whim, spelling was horrible to read, which is a shame as what you have to say is quite accurate. Unfortunately the only advice I can give you is: study the English...
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    Bioshock: An after-the-fact Review

    I can't say I enjoyed reading this piece. As stated above, your style comes across as very smug and holier-than-thou, which alienated me right from the off. I think that any other criticisms have already been addressed. You may be a writer, but I sincerely hope you don't adopt this style...
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    SixDog reviews Fallout 3 (A little late)

    ^ Ditto. This pretty much fails epically as a review. There is absolutely no way you can review any game in 3 sentences, let alone one as massive, varied and replayable as Fallout 3. Unfortunately this reeks of practically no effort nor any desire to actually educate people as to whether...
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    Killing Floor Review

    I enjoy this thread. It's like handbags, but with WORDS! +1 internets...ahem L. Wrex
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    Review: Black Eye Peas - E.N.D.

    I'm confused. You start off by sayng you'll judge the work of the B.E.P.s don't really talk about any of their songs other than they start off as ' high end Hip Hop with extra Thump to make into a dance song'. Almost the entirety of the second half of your review is dedicated to...
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    Movie review: Antichrist

    It was an edit about my post, not yours, regarding the punctuation et al. I couldn't find any fault with the quality of your writing. :) Whilst I appreciate just how difficult it must be to explain the depths of a film such as Trier's - if it's anything like his previous work it's nigh on...
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    Movie review: Antichrist

    Arrrrrgh! I really wanted to read a review of this movie as it's something I'm really trying hard to get to see. Unfortunately, I feel you delve a bit too far into the psychological motives and intentions of the film, whilst almost entirely excluding the plot. There's a lot sad about the...
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    The Saw game review

    ^ This. The review needs to be far, far longer if it is to make any impact whatsoever. Examining out of the ma-hoosive *Spoiler* tag, I learnt practically nothing about how the game plays, its plot, the atmosphere, graphics, gameplay....anything really. You need to put a lot more effort into...
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    Worst game of 2008-2009

    This. L. Wrex
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    What's so bad about Far Cry 2?

    Where to begin.... Terrible plot, uninteresting antagonist, horrible voice acting, uninspired weapons, the list goes on. One of the BIGGEST faults, however, was it's claim to be an open-world shooter. This is fine until you realize that you can only ever drive on roads, and 90% of those roads...