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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Make Money

    Loved the self-referential aspect of it. That was clever. Well done all around
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    New York Museum Boasts 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian d20

    please tell me that there are duplicates in the gift shop....
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    I just watched suckerpunch...

    The plot can effectively be summarized in a single sentence: a group of women attempt to escape the asylum where they've be institutionalized. When you get to the psychological aspects of the film, they're attempting to escape reality. The metaphor of a burlesque/brothel is not too far from the...
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    What's Inside Minecraft's Creepers?

    Really great. I loved the handheld camera bit at the beginning. Never seen that with stop-motion animation.
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    The 9th Circle Of Gamer Hell

    The desert bus...? There's a very good reason people play a marathon session of it for charity.
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    Microgravity Makes Interstellar Travel Impossible, Say Experts

    Sorry about this, minor problem with the article. Our nearest star is the sun. The article should read "our next nearest star", even though I must admit that this sounds slightly more confusing.
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    Doublebear's Dead State Is Fallout Plus Zombie Apocalypse

    This sounds exactly the way I want an RPG to behave. Now we'll have to see if it successfully does what it claims to do.
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    Poll: Worst Weapon Against a Zombie

    I would disagree about posting it on twitter. Who knows? you might have a follower in the vicinity who can rush to your aid. I would suggest pillows (especially syntheic, down pillows can be pretty heavy) or tomato sauce, assuming it isn't in a can.
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    Game People Calling: Now You?re Just Being Difficult

    While I find the premise of your article interesting, I'm afraid I disagree with your analogies. Snakes/Chutes & Ladders is a game designed to teach little kids counting and basic game rules. Incidentally, near the end of the journey (on most boards) there is a snake that goes way back down to...
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    Question of the Day, June 5, 2010

    Squirrels. I wouldn't follow them though. Some idiot would.
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    Question of the Day, May 31, 2010

    I suppose that SMB would be a rollercoaster. Castlevania would be a haunted house. Call of Duty could be one of those special effects rides. I'm not certain on the others though. Starfox (or Wing Commander, or similar) would make a fun flight sim.
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    Question of the Day, May 29, 2010

    Trained dolphins strapped to my feet.
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    Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 11

    Of course you can't put the pie in your pocket, it'd get all smushed! Whereas the buckets of water might spill and get you wet, but until you're visiting Mordor, there's water everywhere. And it's not like you can smush a bucket, can you?
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    Interactive Storytelling

    I would agree entirely, there is no such thing as a non-linear story. Even (if you think about it from a certain perspective) your Fork game, despite the player being allowed to make "choices", there are only so many paths available, and only so many endings. One could trace these 64 different...
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    The First Game You Ever Played

    Tetris for the NES, quickly followed by Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt