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    What is the best "Elder scrolls" game out of "Morrowind" "Oblivion" and "Skyrim"

    In terms of feeling like your actions matter, I'd say Morrowind. In terms of engine and immersion, Skyrim. I'll echo what's been said about Skyrim having been dumbed down for the masses, but I found myself much more absorbed in it than any of the previous two. EDIT: If we put mods into the...
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    Doing research on smoking; Please answer my poll!

    1. Male 2. 26 3. Europe 4. Yes 5. Cigarettes, Pipe and those Japanese nicotine sticks. 6. Not yet 7. I'm married to one. 8. 16 9. N/A 10. N/A 11. They seem to, though I can't be sure 12. It no longer provides that sense of relaxation it used to.
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    I need gaming suggestions

    Since no one mentioned it: DayZ There's also, APB Reloaded and Dungeons & Dragons Online.
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    Long hair on men?

    I don't know, you tell me [].
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    Poll: Thoughts on a Fallout game set in another part of the world?

    The European Commonwealth has been pretty fleshed out in the Fallout Bible, I think there's more than enough material there to make a good Fallout game. My previous post still withstanding.
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    Poll: Thoughts on a Fallout game set in another part of the world?

    North France, Calais, Coquelles including the Eurotunnel Shuttle lines, bringing Folkestone in for DLC.
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    Gaming videos

    Let's see... CaptainSparklez, Tobuscus, PewDiePie, Criken2 and I'm sure I'm missing someone. I don't really know why I watch them, possibly for the same reason I used to live stream myself playing Need for Speed: World a year back. Share something you love doing with the world, the internet is...
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    Does anyone sleep with a plushie/pillow/item of sentimental value?

    My TF300T Transformer Pad tablet. I just can't let it go.
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    Old but gold - what are you playing?

    Fallout 2, although I'm not sure it fits the criteria since I've been playing it every week since 1998. >.>
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    Gender challenge

    1. Morrigan 2. The Prince (of Persia):
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    Check your pockets

    This might be awhile... let me just... *enrgh* There! Car Keys, Home Keys, two packs of cigarettes, my wallet, a lighter, an Alcatel One Touch 995 and its usb cable. Damn...
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    Feed Dump: Dakota & Madison Work Stuff Out

    Yup, this was officially the funniest one yet. I'm crying from laughing so hard, thanks! X'D
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    The Escapist Presents: New Site Layout Overview

    As long as you don't make my eyes bleed like last time, I think the layout works. Seriously, whomever felt like it was a good idea to have a background set at #FFFFFF deserves to be strapped to chair and stare straight into a white searchlight for a couple of minutes... 'Cuz that's what it...
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    Poll: [Suggestions Welcome] I need a new game to play during the summer...

    Work has pretty much died down, it's that time of the year where only the casual virus ridden PC stumbles into the shop or that one recurring customer I'm pretty sure suffers from Electronic Munchhausen's Syndrome. So I've been looking for games I haven't played yet. My time extends to the...
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    What makes a guy attractive?

    "Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye, Not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues" - Shakespeare As to say, beauty (read attractiveness) is in the eye of the beholder!