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    Gothic - You Are Not Special

    Pick the collection of them all up a while back but never got around to playing it. Anyone got an opinion on ArcaniaA, the the supposed 4th in the series?
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    In Australia, unfriending an employee on Facebook now counts as bullying

    I think the point was that in this situation the unfriending was an exclusionary tactic much like getting snubbed by the popular kids in highschool. While it's a weird precedent to set it's understandable how they arrived there. What needs to happen now though is to look at this case as an...
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    Escapist Podcast: 167: Assemble the Team

    Another person to add to the people being really sad about the split podcasts going. Always in the past it felt like topics outside of video games weren't covered very well in the discussion and so having each topic area separate really meant that we'd be able to have the 30 minute talk about...
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    Classic TV Series Lost In Space Gets a Reboot

    I might be the only one but I think this may be a good thing. People my age (20) and youger often have trouble watching such old television, and relating to said television is then an extra mile past that. The concept of the worlds governments not doing anything about saving the planet until...
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    Sony Financials Spiraling Downward: $2.2 Billion Net Loss This Year

    It's funny cause the best phone I have ever owned is the Sony Xperia one that I have. It's a great example of a good android phone that isn't made with cheap chinese internals or made by Samsung. Everyone I know with a Sony also really loves the phones. Additionally Cyanogenmod aparently...