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    Ant-Man - Honey, I Shrunk the Superheroes!

    Intro film is hard, still doing a better job than Thor and Cap 'Murica.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Maze Runner - Where's a Minotaur When You Need One?

    After watch this review, I guess I wouldn't go to the cinema until november. Also, I am really looking forward for some movie that is completely original, even bring more insight on the "In public domain" stuff, like what the Fables do.
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    This Ancient Game Is Puzzling Archaeologists, But We Solved It

    It actually proves what stated in many historic writings and other archeologic findings that there could be many advanced and productive society existed in the far ancient. Guess that also provides that society and human cilization is actually following a series of circles.
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    Generation X Is X-Men Worst Class

    I think the Gen-X comic is brilliant(Also insipred Gen-13 Image Wildstorm). The depiction of Emma Frost is at its top in the 90s, she is kind and willingly to contribute and sacriface for her students, and her understanding of the mutant power exceeding than of Xaviers especially her interaction...
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    Skyrim: Cabbage Rocket

    By providing an SDK, Bethesda is much more accomplished than other stupid companies that sells various dum clothing DLCs
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    Earlier Access

    I think both is like saying "We are short of money, donate us and you will get the game ?possiblely? earlier than others or so.", and them may be borrow this "strategy" from real estate industry like "buy our house which haven't been built for an surprising low price!" and it can somehow turn...
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    Earlier Access

    I don't know why people hate early access more than pre-purchase. At least you can "access" to the game after the purchasing. Is that the drop of quality or the diminish of a promising game that piss people off?