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    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Launch Trailer plus First Review

    PC Gamer lol. I wonder if he even played the game. I checked the article out and there is nothing in that review that indicates he ever played it. It's basically a generic say nothing review with the authors biases put into it that excludes all pc related systems and functions.
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    EA Concerned Kids Don't Know About WW1 For Battlefield 1

    If you want to educate yourself on the ww1 debacle. Dan Carlin is your guy. He has an amazing podcast series on it called Blueprint for Armageddon-.
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    If it rained in RL as much as it does in Witcher 3...

    Don't be silly. "Because it rains so much here in this region of the entire planet we're all going to drown." No that's not how this works. There are extremes all around the world. We have places that are extremely dry almost all year around, and desert's the size of countries, and we...
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    General Fallout 4 rant thread (Spoilers aplenty)

    -Which faction did you side with and why? I did the Brotherhood. The facts of the matter is that in the world of fallout. You're either brotherhood, or you're a potential threat to the human race. Maxon is just one man in an organisation that has had many leaders, but they all followed the...
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    Telltale's Game of Throne episode 6 discussion with Spoilers.

    Well. I got really pissed because Asher's whole sellsword, snarky but awesome persona suddenly vanished as he was forced into the role of his brother, and it's such a blatant palette swap that shows how this whole you can chooce which brother thing was a pointless stunt as the final episode...
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    Recommend me a Sci-Fi RPG

    Homeworld remastered and starcraft / broodwar have great stories. They are RTS's but not very hard.
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    EA shuts down Maxis

    Expect the next game to be made by bioware.
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    When Has a Game Made You Feel Absolutely Terrible? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

    I was playing the walking dead part 2 as Clementine and the ending scenes of the final chapter got to me bad. It really highlights the phrase from Unforgiven. "It's a hell of a thing, ain't it, killin' a man. You take everything he's got... and everything he's ever gonna have..." I'd...
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    Evolve is getting a Mobile App...

    Probably just as useless as the asscreed apps.
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    So, the ending of Telltales "Game of Thrones, Episode 1" [Spoilers inside]

    Your Maester is a spineless traitor. Ever wondered why he wasn`t present in the meeting?
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    Poll: When did you start to call yourself a gamer?

    From the moment it became a hobby and started to consume my leisure time.
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    (Research) Identitity In Gaming

    Have you checked out Sargon of Akkads video's on the subject of identity ideologs doing reserach into gender identity within games? heres a link. 1. Yes. 2. Doesn't matter. It could be a bunny rabbit for all they care. The protagonist or vessel...
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    How do you play Pokemon games?

    I found myself tinkering with the battle maison and trying out EV / IV training them during X and Y. You may want to just go try out Pokemon Showdown.
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    How Should Game Choices Matter? (ME3)

    It is readily apparent during the london section of the game that nothing you ever did mattered as regardless of what choices you make nothing significant in this part changes. You are stuck playing hordemode against reapers, you go to the illusive man, and you go pick your ending. That is all...
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    Donte from new DMC re-imagined as a bumbling swashbuckling Spanish gentleman.

    Wow. That actually makes the game both sound and look more bearable. It's sad really, but I have to ask how this came to be? Do you just put it on spanish and it comes with music and mustache or?