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    The most cynical thing you can think of.

    The Escapist video library.
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    PREY is getting Excellent reviews from everywhere

    I'd love to buy this game but I can not and will not financially support Denuvo. Or even Steam for that matter. Strictly DRM free purchases for me.
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    Zero Punctuation: Remastered Editions

    The video isn't working for me.
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    The Red Dead Redemption Mod for GTA V has Been Shut Down

    This is BS what gives then the right to shutdown a mod?
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    Why does virtually every "non-binary" gender go back to m/f?

    There's no such thing as non-binery gender. Thus is the limitations of human anatomy.
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    Australian Steam Games Are About to Get a Flat 10% Price Increase

    It's not the sales tax that bothers me here. It's the fact that we pay so much more for no good reason.
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    Games that haven't aged well.

    Double post error
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    Games that haven't aged well.

    This is a really subjective thing to ask and not one of my favorites. Not because I don't think there's no merit to it but because it's not well thought out. People will say something hasn't aged well with no rhyme or reason to that statement other then because they feel it hasn't. I think...
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    Report: PewDiePie YouTube Series Cancelled Due to Anti-Semitic Posts

    I think he should sue the articles over this. Sure he might lose some money but someone should stand up to these slanderous beasts in e media
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    Actor Gene Wilder Passes Away Age 83

    Well that's depressing. Such a talented Actor. He IS Willy Wanker no exceptions.
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    Steam is NOT Offering Special Exceptions For No Man's Sky Refunds

    I'll admit that there was a bit of deceit behind thee scenes. No where near as much as people are blowing out and I think bigger games have gotten away with worse. However it is Steams responsibility to ensure quality not the developers. According to consumer rights laws that is.
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    Games you want remade with better graphics?

    You might be interested in Prey for the Gods. A game that recently passed it's kickstarter. It's very much inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. As for remakes I'm not a fan of them. Re-releases with higher resolution and framerates, sure but ground up remakes are unnecessary. Especially of good...
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    The Mini-NES Can't Go Online, Will Never Get New Games

    I would just like to point out that PC gamers have been able to play NES games for decades now. Also the entire archive and I do mean the full archive is only a few hundred megs. Even wit a rubbish internet connection you'd get that in seconds.
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    Poll: Would you have sex with a non-human?

    Best reply. Couldn't agree more.
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    TotalBiscuit says Microsoft won E3

    I just wish to point out that you haven't actually given as example of your argument. Microsoft has been anti consumer but then again so has every console maker at one point or another. TB's logic seems sound to me and while you might not agree. You've basically gone on a little rant here and...