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    Your favourite/least favourite 6th-gen pokémon

    Yeah, Charizard especially makes it painfully obvious that the Mega Evolution thing was pretty much a popularity contest (no way in hell does Garchomp need something else to give it an edge). I do think it's entirely possible that we'll still see a Mega Swampert and Sceptile (or Mega Meganium?)...
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    Your favourite/least favourite 6th-gen pokémon

    Actually, the gimmick this time around is that it's an Electric/Fairy type. I'm fine with Dedenne, it's not the worst pikachu rehash they ever made, Pachirisu still takes that... honour.
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    Your favourite/least favourite 6th-gen pokémon

    I agree with all the choices so far, though I'm a little surprised Slurpuff was mentioned and not Aromatisse. I liked Spritzee, I assumed it would evolve into something at least decent-looking, but then... this happened:
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    Your favourite/least favourite 6th-gen pokémon

    Now that Pokémon X and Y have been out for about 2 weeks, I'd like to know which of the roughly 70 new critters have become fan favourites and which ones have been sentenced to an eternity in the PC Box. Personally I really like Aegislash, though Inkay and its evolution Malamar deserve a...
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    LoadingReadyRun: That's No Moon

    Why not just make it "The AntiSun Base"?
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    Who is was your favorite character(s) to use in the Smash Brothers games?

    I can't recall my favourites from the first two games, but for Brawl it's most definitely Ike. I like his games (though I never finished them) and, well.. he fights for his friends.
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    Poll: Do you walk the path of the warrior, rogue, or mage?

    For some reason magic really doesn't agree with me. I've always preferred to either be a big brute going around punching stuff or skulking through the shadows and making stealthy kills.
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    Escapist Podcast: 069: Surviving the Apocalypse and "Fake" Geek Girls

    I should not have been eating noodles when you guys started talking about chicken intestines coming out.
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    Curt Schilling May Lose Baseball Treasures

    I just read the article and this was my face for the entire read: [img src=""] How anyone can be that stupid and optimistic is beyond me. I hope things work out for all the employees who now have massive...
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    Terraria Creator Confirms No New PC Content

    While it does suck that console owners will be getting new content while the PC crowd can only stand there and look sad (or more likely, RAGE RAGE RAGE), Terraria was a pretty damn big game already. Especially if you consider that it only cost about 10 euros. Hell, I haven´t even finished it...
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    China riots, island tensions and the UN -updated

    So if I understand the OP, these islands have been Japanese territory since 1972, but when it turned out they were actually worth something, China started calling dibs? And they're mad because something they never owned was sold without their consent? Or am I reading this wrong? Also: It...
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    Steam Announces First 10 Greenlight Approvals

    I'm pretty sure everybody on Steam voted for Black Mesa, I know I did :)
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    Steam Announces First 10 Greenlight Approvals

    Wait, wasn't McPixel already a game? Why does that still need to be greenlit?
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    Pay-to-Tweet Twitter Clone Plans to Beat Real Twitter

    The only ones I can think of are some promotional tweets I get very rarely, once a month at most. Those are the only thing close to advertisement I have ever seen on Twitter..
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    Let's play the superpower lottery!

    Aaaaaand I got Dowsing. ಠ_ಠ Welp, at least I'll never lose my keys.