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    Game Developers, your opinions wanted.

    So today I was thinking about the varies game developers and I wasn't able to find an easy anwser to which each one represents. So in your mind, can you name some off the bat and the sorta type of company they are? Some from me are; Bethesda- The clumsy titans who niche in epic gaming but...
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    Deus Ex 2

    Spoiler! I cared so little for everyone at the end of the second game that I sided with that.. thing.. and went around killing everyone, and got the worst ending.
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    Unskippable: Eternal Sonata

    That's why your dad left
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    Not Enough to do in Fallout 3

    sigh.. I have to agree with the OP, because I did all the quest, and hit up all the locations barring some train stations and I hit around 25 hours. Granted I have spent about a 100 hours on the game, once you know where everything is you can get through side quest very quickly. Also now I have...
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    Deciding on dinner game

    Hm.. I think there are enough holes in the wall.. but i will keep that one in mind.
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    Deciding on dinner game

    So it's that time again, work is done, things are taken care of in the apartment, and I am hungry. I was thinking of making a dinner game in order to decide what to eat, maybe wheel of fortune style or a dart board, anyone else have the same dilemma? I think there should be a website that spits...
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    Poll: Hmm...Games or Sex?

    Well she could be on top.. and you could kinda, look over her shoulder, though a turn base RPG would be ideal, just click and wait.
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    Most WTF gift you got this year

    Yahtzee's year end review, okay, I didn't have to work Christmas this year, but man that was a phone in.
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    My problem with open world games

    I love the idea of coming back to places to open up new stuff. I was disappointed when I loaded up BioShock and saw you could return to each level, I thought "Nice, secrets in waiting" then at the end of the game I realized there is only one (un precisely one!) reason to go back, and it's to...
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    What the hell are you?

    I am you
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    Ask the internet. Episode V - Girls on the internet?

    That's what smugness is for... *shuns!*
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    The unoffical Beer thread

    I feel the topic is too expansive that it could be properly explored all in one thread.
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Unleashed

    Sonic Unfinished? Just had to slip it it right at the end Yahtzee? Reviews like this brighten my day by letting me known there is some one out there more frustrated and agitated then me, my hat off to you Yahtzee, thanks for taking one for the team.
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    The unoffical Beer thread

    My sister use to get Nate Ice for a dollor a forty upstate NY. I mean, it IS piss in a bottle, but it gets the job done.
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    The unoffical Beer thread

    Hm? I am known for misspellings, have been for about fifteen years or so. Don't know how much that would change. As for alcohol in general, I don't drink the hard stuff, I find it tasteless without being mixed with something. As well, I love the taste of all different kinds of beer. I try a...