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    145: Konnichi wa, Nihon!

    Japan rules, and anime is a huge part of the Japanese history, but not thair culture. I'm a fullblown hotukus and I feel no shame or drive in hiding it.
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    Probobly not too hard.^^ One that kind of impressed me, for a hentai that is, was ENDLESS SERENADE. It got a actual good story behind it.
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    Worst game ever?

    There have been some pretty bad games over the years, but when i tried the Conan demo, it was clear. It is the worst game ever developed. It's a God of War ripoff and sucks at it. It's like taking a sexy model and transforming her into a 90 year old swag. The graphic sucked and I can't see a...
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    Your best kill in a game ever!

    The best ever was while I was brain dead enough to be sort of addicted to CS. I was running down De_Dust2 and had a sniper. I had 3 HP left and i accedently fired it off noscope. I got a headshot on a guy standing in the hole sniping towards the B bombplanting location. Of course I got raped...
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    Get a life. I like anime alot. Not counting Pokemon, Digimon etc and various "hentai"s. I have 350 Gb of anime on a separated hardisk.^^ And i have them all and finnished them. Twice. Or more.
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    Poll: How often do you get games?

    Depends if there is eny good games comming out. last year I bought a good 12 games, but this year I have bought 1.
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    Portal 2 Confirmed by Valve

    I don't like or dislike any console. I don't really care. The console can be as good as it wants to be as long as the game it runs makes me enjoy the time I spend on it. It's like saying your girl is not good enough because she isn't a blonde, although you enjoy the time spent in bed with her.