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    Poll: Whitewashing, yay!!!

    was it necessary for Samuel L Jackson to play Nick Fury, or for Idris Elba to play a Norse god? No, but you only heard a few idiots complain about it. But then I forgot, its perfectly ok to blackwash or yellowwash things, and a sin to "whitewash".
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    Trolling, anonymity, the internet community, and you! (somewhat rant-y)

    actually, they are identical to 4chan in virtually every way. in point of fact, a lot of these people are browsing both sites at the same time. they do not post things like raids on 9gag, because the mods will delete and perma ban people. but I have seen 9gag users on 4chan, posting about...
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    Zetas Cartel Frees Kidnap Victim Following Anonymous Threats

    Obvious strawman is obvious. when the fuck did I say anything "Racist" about mexicans, or anyone for that matter? I did not. You were retardedly hostile from post 1. You obviously either have a personal involvement in this issue, or you are a colossal dick. either way, you should pay attention...
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    Zetas Cartel Frees Kidnap Victim Following Anonymous Threats

    Lol. Mexican drug cartels...who have computer hackers....funniest bullshit I have ever read.
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    White House Denies UFO Contact

    ITA: Herp derp and a failure in understanding counter intelligence methods.
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    Is it that hard to find a virgin?

    2011 Thinks he is going to find a virgin. mfw
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    56% of American Gamers Don't Buy Games

    In twenty years, when nobody owns anything in the U.S. but is only renting everything they have, it will be because of people like you, who do not believe that a company owes them a physical product with future value, who we have to thank for it.
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    Pedophile Sues Crew of "To Catch A Predator"

    with attempting to molest who? a federal agent? a non existent child? are you getting it yet? So let me explain something to all of you. I am not in support of pedophiles. If you think that, it is likely because you are unable or unwilling to think about this situation in intellectual terms...
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    Pedophile Sues Crew of "To Catch A Predator"

    You are missing the point on purpose to validate your claim. There was no child involved, at all. there was no actual victim. That is why it is wrong, because he is being charged with the "attempted molestation" of a non-existent child. His intent is irrelevant, their is no victim, not even in...
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    Pedophile Sues Crew of "To Catch A Predator"

    thinking about committing a crime, is not a crime. the bottom line was he did not actually molest anyone. when this nation becomes utterly controlled by a Gestapo police force, it is going to be thanks to people like you who are willing to give away more and more of your freedoms and rights in...
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    Analyst Predicts GTA V Will Be Digital Only

    No disc= no purchase. sorry Rockstar, I am not buying an imaginary or theoretical product.
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    Pedophile Sues Crew of "To Catch A Predator"

    Honestly the stupidity of the above post astonishes the hell out of me. Realistically, what Chris Hansen is getting away with is violating the constitution, and someones Miranda rights. He conducts interrogations that are filmed and then later broadcast and used in trial settings. He is...
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    Anonymous Threatens Fox News Over Occupy Wall Street

    How the fuck is this relevant to gaming or geek culture? I fail to see the connection here.
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    Poll: Body modifications?

    Naw, the guy who did it was in peace corps as a youngin, and he actually learned how to pierce from an african tribe. I actually had no idea it was even done. and he tricked me, he had me hold the clamp >.<