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    Zero Punctuation: The Technomancer

    I think the summer games drought is getting to Yahtzee pretty badly this year. Have you considered trying a Grand Strategy Game? Stellaris even has spaceships in it. At worse, you'll hate it and provide a chuckle to everyone not a fan of the genre (and anyone who might get offended is too...
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    Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 3

    Been loving JC3 and was looking forward to hearing Yahtzee's take on it. Shame about the final boss. It seems to be a problem with a lot of AAA games not knowing how to close out. Ideally, a game should close out by doing what had been the meat of the game. In JC3's case, a more...
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    8 Games that Let You Play God

    Glad you included Actraiser. One of the things I never appreciated when it came out was not only did your progress in the Overworld improve your character in the side-scrolling stages, but how well you did in the side-scrolling stages in turn got you more resources in the overworld (more points...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    I haven't played MSG5, but I read on another forum that the fast-travel system was handled through the Cardboard Box. And I thought "Hah, that makes Yahtzee's complaint about the helicopter plus his inability to find a use for the box unintentionally hilarious."
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    Upon The Mary Sue Character in Video Games

    Hmm..."Eric The Hedgehog" Well didn't expect that.
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    Zero Punctuation: Nom Nom Galaxy & Freedom Planet

    My problem with the story is that it's all over the place tone wise. It starts with Teen-slumber parties interspersed with weird political machinations, and at about the halfway point when everyone is wisecracking after just rescuing a horribly maimed Lilac is when I had enough.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

    Wow, it's been a while since I've seen Yahtzee actively hate a game. Most of his negative reviews recently only rose to the level of "Resigned Antipathy"
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    Zero Punctuation: Daikatana - John Romero's B****

    Are releases that slow Yahtzee? Why not take a crack at a Civilization game? Or are you waiting for After-Earth? (if so you can always look back at Alpha Centauri.) Alternatively, there's the Dynasty Warrior series now that 8:XL is out on Steam, although I suspect your saving up your ammo...
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    The Big Picture: Dumbsday, Part 2 - The Reign of the Supermen

    As a rule, your hero should never sport a mullet. Unless his name is 'Zapp Rowsdower.'
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    Coming Soon To WoW's World's End Tavern: Robin Williams - Update

    Personally, my top choice for live-action Prof. Oak would be to give Patrick Stewart a topee. In any case, RIP Mr. Williams, and grats to the WoW community for making this happen in so short a time span. Yeah, but then neither will any of us. BA-DUM-TISH!
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    Zero Punctuation: EarthBound - Not Your Typical JRPG

    Seeing as how Yahtzee is running out of old game he likes for his retro-reviews, maybe next year we'll get old games he didn't like.
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    Far Cry 4 Is "Packed to The Gills" With Women

    Damnit, I was going to make that joke!
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    The Big Picture: Go Go Godzilla - Hoping for Better Blockbusters

    Bob, you now understand what it's like to root for the Chicago Bears' offense.
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    Collective Guilt and Beauty in Games

    Except for Earthbound, the first few Paper Mario games. Even Final Fantasy VI.
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    Collective Guilt and Beauty in Games

    Yahtzee specifically mentioned the Spaceship area in Crysis as wowing him enough visually that it managed to hush the parts of his mind criticizing the poor level design. (specifically between 1:19 and 1:45. Yes I did look that up just now.) Oh, and everyone bringing up the Crysis review...