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    265: Punching the Baby Seal of PC Gaming

    It amazes me that every time someone points this out, so many people will pop up and try to claim that there's no problem with PC gaming, that the author is ignorant, that they have the 'wrong' PC or graphics card, etc. As this article quite correctly points out, absolutely none of those...
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    Demo of a game you had the most fun with.

    The demo of Facebreaker contains pretty much everything about the game which is actually enjoyable. Sad but true.
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    "Fuck this" moments

    Skipped to the end since I have to go, so apologies if this has come up already. My most recent FTM was Tekken 6, online. I'd been gradually getting to learn how to play Julia, reaching 3rd Dan. I know this is not a high rank. Almost directly after the promotion to 3rd, I got a string of...
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    Virus Attack

    There's quite a few lucky people on this thread. Contrary to the beliefs expressed here, you don't need to download anything obviously dodgy or open an attachment to get infected these days. Any semi-amateur website is a potential risk- I've personally had, or narrowly blocked, infections from...
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    Demon's Souls

    DS was Gamespot's GOTY this year. I can't believe that I'm actually agreeing with them over Yahtzee, but I am. In some ways, a sad day.
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    Demon's Souls

    I'm very cross. How cross? It's just turned Christmas Day here, and instead of doing Christmassy things or going to bed like a good little (35-year-old) boy I'm posting a comment on this article. Frankly, I don't give a good long defecation whether or not Demon's Souls is 'too hard'. If...
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    Zero Punctuation: Demon's Souls

    Actually, I should probably add that for the most part I enjoyed the vid. I was seriously waiting for the bit at the end where he comes back and tries a bit more and gets the hang of it, discovering the true meat of the game, because that alone would probably have made most of the inaccuracies...
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    Zero Punctuation: Demon's Souls

    Ooookay. Not only are we talking about an online game here, which tends to imply not pausing, but if you read what I said, quitting back to the menu at any time saves everything you've done bar maybe a bit of running about. That, effectively, is your 'pause'- it's a bit like logging out in WoW...
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    Zero Punctuation: Demon's Souls

    Axikal, you Sir, are a prat. Satire, as you carefully copied from your dictionary, is the use of wit to 'deride vice, folly, etc' To criticise aspects of a game in a way which is not true, which a lot of those criticisms are not, is not, in any way, satire. It is at best, idiocy. Seriously...
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    New metalz pl0x!

    Got to reinforce the Maiden recommendations, that's pretty much required. Couple of others I've not seen mentioned are Skyclad and Subway To Sally (especially Das Ratsel II). And of course, you could always pick up Brutal Legend for more ideas :)
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    Review: Brutal Legend

    I must admit I don't really get the complaints about the 'RTS' sections. To me, they play more like something like Dynasty Warriors than a full-blown RTS, and it's more about picking where and how to commit your Avatar and when to double-team than it is about any high-faluting tactical plan. Of...
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    Review: Risen

    I got the demo the other day out of curiousity (hadn't read the review at the time) and ouch. Don't think I've actually quit an RPG demo in disgust since Depths Of Peril. The thing is, after a little time away from it I got an itch to try again, and this time got to the end of the demo, but I...
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    Zero Punctuation: Valkyria Chronicles

    That was certainly one of the more annoying ZPs for me recently. It was amusing, as they always are, but one of the most important things about good comedy is that it has a ring of truth to it. There are just far too many things here that are if not outright lies, then at the very least...
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    The Six Day Surprise

    It's spectacular hypocrisy to say that you can't base a game in a present-day war but you can base it in 'old' ones. Did I imagine Battlefield: Vietnam, for example? There were still plenty of Vietnam veterans about when that was released, just as there are still a few WWII veterans. And if...
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    200: A Griefer's Life for Me

    I must admit I find it hard to see this as 'griefing'. Admittedly, during my time in WoW it would have sent me incendiary pretty quickly- but that was why I had the sense to play on a PvE server. If you're on a PvP server and the enemy does something you don't like- well, to quoute Admiral...