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    Experienced Points: No Man's Interface

    Shamus, my man! I missed you. Welcome back!
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    Tales of terror on the Zee, (open spoilers for Sunless Sea)

    Thanks! Yeah, Gamma and Dasha. Now you see why failing the guinea pigs hit me so hard.
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    Tales of terror on the Zee, (open spoilers for Sunless Sea)

    Yeah, I didn't really like the suggested allies. I thought that weak and unexceptional but happy civilization would prevail. I should've drawn and quartered more poor food thieves!
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    Tales of terror on the Zee, (open spoilers for Sunless Sea)

    Well, I started playing again because of you. I don't remember when I stopped but it was apparently mid-adventure (it seems I was doing pretty well, surprisingly). I don't think I'll write anything because I suck at it (I managed to doom the guinea pig civilization, yay me!), but you should...
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    Will Metro going to be Greatest Trilogy in the history of Gaming?

    2033 was great and, despite some problems, is one of my favourite games. And no, Redux did not fix all of the problems, if fact, I think it broke more than it fixed (I will never forgive them for fucking up automatic shotgun's reload animation). LL was not based on a book and it shows. While...
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    Poll: Is Far Cry 2 a Cult Classic now?

    Yeah, all of the ejection ports are on the wrong side of their respective guns. This is especially stupid with bolt-action rifles where it would be incredibly awkward to work the bolt or with bullpup rifles where the spent casing would hit you in the head. I don't know why some games do that...
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    Poll: Is Far Cry 2 a Cult Classic now?

    But stupid reversed ejection ports cancel that out. Also some of the jam clearing animations were really dumb.
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    Good PC/Electronics Cleaner?

    I use an ordinary airbed inflator pump. Much cheaper than buying compressed air cans.
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    Overrated Classic Movies

    Terminator 2. T-1000 makes no sense, pacifist pet robot Arnie is stupid, annoying kid is annoying, etc. Original Terminator is a much better movie and one of my favourites.
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    Fuck. You. Bioware.

    No, that's Morinth.
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    Poll: PEANUT BUTTER!!!

    I've only ever tried it once (it's not common here) and hated it. I do love regular peanuts, though.
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    The Silent Hill Series Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Sorry, I'm not buying it. There's not a single hint in the game to suggest that. It also adds nothing to the game, but it cheapens it considerably. Silent Hill is not Purgatory, it doesn't care for justice. It draws people for different reasons (like the guilt they feel), not because of...
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    Is Resident evil 7 best RE game ever? if so why?

    But, like B-Cell said, they're bad even as action games. I enjoy other OTS 3rd person action-horror games like Alan Wake, Dead Space and more recently Evil Within, and they are all much better than RE4-5-6 (except for DS3).
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    For Discussion: Time Travel Myths

    That actually checks out, saltwater can be used instead. In fact, original capacitors (called Leyden jars) were invented 9 years prior, in 1745. They are easy to make and can withstand very high voltages. Unfortunately for our heroes, they have very low capacitance which measures in pico or...