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    The Big Picture: Feeding Edge

    Bob, currently altering genes manually (in a lab) tends to end up creating carcinogenic chemicals in the foods, at least when it comes to fruits and veggies.
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    UK Police Arrest Teen Over Call of Duty Hacking

    Why is this always what the media says about stuff that's newly illegal? "...often a precursor to more serious computer-related offenses" If you take out the word "computer" and insert the names of other currently illegal things you get the "reasoning" for making things illegal. I'm not...
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    The Big Picture: A Nerd By Any Other Name

    Bob, you're my favorite. Thanks for expanding my mind.
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    Zero Punctuation: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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    Zero Punctuation: Shadow of the Colossus

    Dear Yahtzee, I love you. That is all.
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Little Big Planet shall now be known as the 'Gaming Tutorial'
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    Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I enjoy the positive message to Nintendo fans Yahtzee, I think that was a great way to close.
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    Arr Pee Gee

    Almost all games by definition are Role Playing Games, if you have a definitive character to play as, it's an RPG. So I don't know what I would call these games.
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    Bad game advertisements.

    There needs to be a system in place that negates advertisements for things you already have. Example; I have Dungeons & Dragons online, I DON'T WANT TO SEE ADVERTS FOR DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE BEFORE EVERY VIDEO I WATCH ON THE ESCAPIST! I already play it! I know you want everyone else to play...
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    Preview: Medal of Honor Beta Hands On

    This review sounded a lot like "It's good 'cause it's good." I'd like some actual info on the gameplay mechanics that you said you focused on.
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    Topical Tuesday: Is Art in Videogames Important?

    Art is important in video-games. Why? Because the things we gamers look at so often should be pretty. Best video-game art direction goes to Mirror's Edge Best graphics goes to Just Cause 2, those environments are gorgeous.
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    Review: Red Dead Redemption

    I was incredibly underwhelmed with this one. Graphics are sub-par, gun-play is laughable, it's short and the multiplayer is hugely lacking in the fun department. There's just no real drive to do anything in multiplayer aside from unlockables but it seems like they are more of a...
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    Critic Accuses Prince of Persia of "Whitewashing"

    The Prince in the games was white. End of story Ang, The Last Airbender was white. End of story. Ang's friends were Inuit so rant on their live-action actors all you like.
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    Review: Lost Planet 2

    Think for yourself, try the game.
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    Review: Lost Planet 2

    Also, I am going to paraphrase Greg Tito's review: Greg Tito: "I don't like co-op. I really like it when games hold my hand like an infant. I need to be constantly reminded of what I am doing and who I am playing and what is going on, it could be because I am thinking about other games too...