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    Poll: Is zero a number? (Read before voting)

    Zero is the number defined by the congruence class of all sets equivalent to the null set. So yes, it's a number.
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    Are sequels ever really worse than the originals?

    Tales of Symphonia 2 was HORRIBLE. Whereas the first one was probably the best RPG released on the gamecube.
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    New Pokemon Black & White Trailer Reveals Triple Battles, Release Date

    That would be better than releasing the same game another 10 times.
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    Mystery Mortal Kombat Trailer Will Blow You Away

    I'm impressed that they explained the weird ass characters without using a "aliens lol" strategy. This trailer looked sweet.
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    Have you guys seen the new Lady Gaga video?

    As usual, her music sounds like all other pop does to me. Boring. That, and she's so blatantly sexual it's actually a turn off for me.
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    Poll: Anime Dubbed VS Subbed

    Whichever language it was originally recorded in.
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    Pratchett Attacks Doctor Who

    That's the other thing. In the old Doctor Who, the sonic screwdriver was not nearly as abused as it is now. It opened door locks, and that was about it as far as "furthering the plot" stuff that it did (it was also occasionally used during repairs on various things, like K-9) but it wasn't a...
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    Pratchett Attacks Doctor Who

    To be honest, I have to agree with him. They didn't used to do the "make crap up whenever you need to" style of science nearly as much in the old Doctor Who. That's something that came in when they revived the series (even more so when Tennant took over), and it really bugs me.
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    Slightly crazy mathmatical stuff

    Points do not necessarily take up space. The Cantor set, an infinite set of points along the interval [0,1] has measure 0. Also, there is an uncountably infinite number of lines of symmetry assigned to the circle, so they are dense no matter how large you make the circle. You don't get "more of...
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    Poll: Who is the Best Doctor?

    Tennant is easily the best out of the new Doctors. Tom Baker still trumps him though.
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    Transferring information faster than light?

    We have no way to confirm or deny experimentally whether or not virtual particles actually exist, for the reason I stated. There is no way to look "inside" a collision of two particles to see what is actually going on, we only see what goes in and what comes out. If particles that were not...
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    Transferring information faster than light?

    I think Tachyons are the only particles predicted to violate locality, and they aren't even meaningful physical objects. They just show up in a nice way in the mathematics of the Standard Model but they aren't necessary. Beyond that, none of the quantum effects that have do have information...
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    PC Glove Controller "Peregrine" Ships

    I couldn't resist ordering one, if only because being able to remap at least half of my hotkeys for stuff like Aion/GW to the glove would be really nice. Once you use up half of your keyboard buttons but still need to use a mouse hitting some of the ctrl/alt+ stuff can get awkward.
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    I Hit It With My Axe: Episode Two: F*ck. A Medusa.

    So, basically this is what would happen if you filmed 95% of the people who play D&D. Why is that entertaining?
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    Question of the Day, March 21, 2010

    I usually take a couple weeks to a month in the summer to go without any electronics ever year, so I would say I could easily just drop it for the rest of my life.