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    The Secret World Review

    If you're looking for an MMO with diverse gameplay, the chance to play exactly the way you want, story and atmosphere, this is the one you want. The initial purchase comes with 30 days of gametime, so if anything it'll be like any other game. Personally, I'm playing with my magical fists...
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    Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage

    I disagree with this. I feel like it's cheap marketing. The amount of loudmouths are actually in minority, even though they make a big fuzz. I like eating stuff that does not have a political agenda, even though in this case I support the message to some extent. I like to choose my products on...
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3: A Gay Erotic Love Story

    Just for the sake of bringing in my cents, and saying stuff that has probably been said and phrased differently once again: I'm a gay Mass Effect fan. I felt left out when gay male relations were excluded in the previous games, and I welcome the gay relationship (Even though my relationship...
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    BioWare Defends Mass Effect 3 Launch-Day DLC

    Brilliant anecdote, only problem I have with this is that all burgers should have bacon by default.
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    Poll: Would you date a transgendered person?

    Transgendered people are quite a wide in variation. As a gay person, I would need someone who has the right equipment downstairs, sounds, acts and looks like a man. Would probably not date if I knew that he used to be a girl, but I'm mature enough to admit that I would probably reconsider if I...
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    Feed Dump: Reindeer Pâté

    Alex and Matt have a fistfight - No punchline. No punchline is the best punchline I've heard all day. And it has the word pun in it. Damn, I said punchline so many times in my head now that it doesn't sound like a word. Punchline. Punchline... Punchline!
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    You have the power to bring back one cancelled TV show...

    Heroes! Massive blind fanboy, don't kill me.
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    Skyrim hit list

    Them giants, I have made a necklace out of their toes. I also tend to kill chickens, my character has this paranoia that all domesticated animals are out to get him.
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    Worst marketing line you've ever heard.

    I'm still thorn about wether it's brilliant or stupid, but a local septicservice in Norway has the slogan: "Du driter, vi sliter" which roughly translated means: "You take a crap, we suffer". Only, it rhymes.
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    Love, why can't you find it?

    I'm picky. No really, I get tons of guys asking me every god damn day. Finding a nerdy gayguy in a smalltown with only overley flamboyant stereotypes, queue mission impossible song.
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    So, who here watches Merlin (Tv series)?

    Edit: Stupid doubleposts.
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    So, who here watches Merlin (Tv series)?

    It's one of those shows that I feel get gradually better, as opposed to let's say Heroes. I've just grown more and more fond of it, and I seem to like the characters more and more for every episode. I would call myself a bit of a fanboy, but I can still spot some cgiflaws :P
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    What animals has Pokemon not done?

    Milotic Huntial Gorebyss.
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    B&E with 1 item

    Great thread, lots of the responses here made me chuckle. OT: I'd take out an essential part of the freezer, rendering all their food reserves rotten and smelly. Or I'd take out chair resulting in the family having one too little chair in the house for all of them too sit down on. If it's...
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    Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself.

    My brain can pick up things and spew it out as convincing bullshit. When I was 12-14 I used it to make friends with everyone, and pretend to share knowledge about their interests. Nowadays, I only use it do discuss computers with the superior nerds in my class. They have no clue that I don't...