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    Why VR will fail

    As far as I know, this VR thing is a peripheral, right? Look at the potential price. People have already paid quite a bit for their PS4. What's going to make them jump up and get the expensive VR kit?
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    Why VR will fail

    Yep, I quite agree. It is an expensive risk, and console developers have taken enough expensive risks recently - as have gamers, in buying into an unproven and as of yet sparse console generation.
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    Poll: Jim Sterling Calls Out New Assassin's Creed (for racism/sexism?)

    For purposes of historical accuracy, race isn't a problem. But, having four white men with similar stature, similar ages, and similar facial hair/expressions is rather uncreative. Ubisoft can't write in a female character now, and that would be most insincere. But they could have thought about...
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    Literary Games

    If we're a long long way from any kind of art game renaissance, then I doubt the possibility of such a thing at all. AAA in what terms, blockbuster, popular, big budget, strong production values? That itself is a pretty farcical term. Not sure I agree that agency makes the videogame so much...
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    Why VR will fail

    Maybe this instance of VR will fail. Without it being an integral feature, it will probably fail due to perception as an expensive gimmick, an uncomfy risk for developers and gamers alike. Will there be enough games that take advantage of it? If there is a good, quality selection of VR games...
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    Aversion to Children

    Alas, I think children are generally cute once they start to develop some personality. I imagine what it would be like to have children of my own - but that is something far, far away. It's just the baby stage that's hard to like. It's not helped that most of the babies I've seen (heard...
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    Is Anime Healthy?

    You're not describing the problems with anime. You're describing generic shounen. Take a look at more of the Cowboy Bebops and Madokas, and less of the Narutos. Also, seriously look into visual novels. They're usually quite a bit more engaging and thoughtful.
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    Poll: Would you play as a truly appalling person in a game?

    Yes, it's what I've been looking for all this time. No more pretend evil, "bahaha I'm the bad guy because I do slightly cruel things!" Full blown evil, nasty person stuff, would be interesting. But, it's different being truly appalling, and just being evil. Being appalling would make them...
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    It can be. If you can make the opposite sex lick your boots and do your bidding just with your body, I'd call that power. And it can co-exist with other sorts of power. A queen can be both a fearsome ruler and a sex icon. Then that's settled, perhaps. I just took it as a "this should be...
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    Psycho-Pass "Restarting" with Season 2 in October

    Yesyeyesyes, can't wait! Also, a new recut of the original tv series will be nice. Sounds like P-P fans are in for a double treat.
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    I'm not implying that she used her sex appeal to get there. No-one is. Not at all, it's just nice to admire the fact that as well as having brains, she has a cute body too. If you don't like them, don't look at them and let others have their fun?
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    Always good to see some cuteification take the edge off international affairs. She really is cute, aha, if only all our world leaders looked like this... As for the complaints about objectification, does it really matter? It's just a bit of fun, rare that a political leader is a pretty young...
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    How is that related?

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    How is that related?

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Is A $60 Game Of Follow The Leader

    This sounds more awful than the usual for a CoD campaign. High-explosive squash-head?