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    Is it ok to kill spiders?

    Which means you sentenced them to death. Spiders that live inside houses are adapted to living in homes. They cannot survive for long outside. As for killing them, would you feel bad smashing a machine? That machine probably has as much going for it as that spider. It's little more than a...
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    What's wrong with cheating?

    Is it really so hard to understand? You made a promise to another person, one that your entire relationship hinges upon. You cheat and you broke that promise, you broke their trust, and quite often you broke the relationship. And if you can't be trusted to be honest to the people you claim to...
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    30 day challenge?

    I challenge myself to go to the bar at least once each weekend.
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    You are the last person on Earth

    I would probably: Spend several weeks doing every single thing I ever wanted to do that I can still do without other people around. Get lonely and bored, and start talking to the probably by then several thousand cats and dogs I am feeding. Devote the rest of my life to trying to build...
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    what game world you like to live in?

    Problem is you only get to see the game world from the protagonists viewpoint. None of the game worlds would be nearly as fun without you being that one in a million, fated, destined, hero of heroes (or anti-heroes as the case maybe). The very first post exemplifies this problem. This guy...
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    Being the Agony Uncle.

    I thought the title said "angry uncle." I am so disappointed that I cannot share stories about beating my siblings children. So very disappointed.
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    I think Microsoft are scared about the 'Death of PC'

    I'm reading a lot of "I don't know how to fully utilize a tower PC and so believe they are only for games." Sure other words are actually used, but the gist of most of what I read follows that line of thought. I currently have four tower PCs. One is no longer in use and I am deciding if I...
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    Your dark secrets

    I'm with the FBI and I track down people pretending to be police online. You should hear from us shortly.
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    "The Post Count causes ELITISM and should be done away with! " Do you agree?

    I remember before even that. When having 1000 posts was alot. Yeah that's right. I out hipstered you. Deal with it, yo.
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    "The Post Count causes ELITISM and should be done away with! " Do you agree?

    But then your name wouldmight offend me. So we would have to all have the same name, something anonymous.
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    Science Suggests We're Living in the Matrix

    Couple of problems here. First is the assumption that you would only create a simulation to "plug" in outsiders. The other is that you could create a simulation of the universe from inside the universe. Without loss in detail you cannot. You can create rules for a system and see what happens...
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    The future of the film industry.

    I am still worried that the reboot will take the ultraconservative message of the books seriously. A big part of the fun of the first movie was that it was a parody of the message.
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    Wearing Shoes Inside - The Fuck?

    No you didn't. You pointed something out. The original text is still up there. Unless you can change that you are not "fixing" anything. You wanted to be technical about things, so do it yourself first. Set an example or don't bother. OT: My carpet in the house I am renting in Wenatchee...
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    Incest? Bestiality? What about Necrophilia?

    I wonder if prostitution is legal and what the fine might be for this:
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    I'm new to Magic the Gathering

    I used to play. Long long ago. My brother picked the game up again recently and asked after all the cards I still have. I had no idea the cards where worth what they are now. I still have most of the old power cards. All the way up to most of a power nine set. I ended up mailing most of the...