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    Stolen Pixels #86: Left 4 Dumb: Part 8

    For some reason, in SMOD: Tactical they have dual auto-shotguns. And sadly, you do reload them by moving them out of frame, hearing a CHUNK-CHUNK, and then moving them back into frame. Wtf.
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    Most Ridiculously Overpowered Weapon?

    MIRV in Fallut 3.
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    Least satisfying kill ever?

    The most recent one I can remember was in Far Cry 2. I missed a sniper-rifle headshot on an enemy, then threw a grenade which he ran away from, and then sprayed an entire Mac-10 clip at him, because he refused to die in the first few bursts and my aim sucked. I ran out of ammo for the Mac-10...
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    whats the game you most regret buying?

    Lost Planet PC. Boy, was that an eat.
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    Unforgotten Realms: Episode 12: Granny's Got a Brand New Bag

    Most awesomest episode of the season.