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    Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Did J.J. Abrams and Disney Ruin Star Wars?

    Don't bother spending the money to see it at the cinema. It really is just a comedy spoof of episode 4, lacking in every area but comedic value, and music. The plot is full of more holes than a colander...
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    Good meat recipes

    Hi so I have been a vegetarian since I was very young and my partner wants me to start eating meat, I have agreed to eating free range as long as he changes to free range also... but the problem is for the most part meat tastes kinda bad to me... I just taste the proteins and fats in it fairly...
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    Names you just can't keep a straight face to

    At the school my mum works at there are kids enrolled with these names Abcd - pronounced like abseadee Shitter - pronounced as it is spelt ._.; Shithead - this one is apparently pronounced something like Shiii aheeed, but the spelling really is Shithead. no joke ;/
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    Can Americans Make Anime?

    This question really just seems to be about semantics. If you go with the japanese meaning of the word, animation, then everything animated is anime and there is the answer to the question. Yes because it is animated it is anime. But most english speakers who use the word anime don't use it...
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    "FBI reports consistently put the number of "unfounded" rape accusations around 8%. The average rate of unfounded reports for Index crimes is 2%.[2] However, "unfounded" is not synonymous with false allegation.[3] Bruce Gross of the Forensic Examiner's says that: This statistic is almost...
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    Diablo III Patch Restricts Access for New Players

    You can get a refund within 30 days of buying the game. It is an easier more simple process if you bought a digital copy, if you bought a physical copy you have to send it to them. If you really wanna know about the whole process you should just ask their customer support.
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    No Authenticator, No Diablo III Cash Auction House

    Blizzard sell the authenticaters at cost, they make no money selling them at all. They lose money. Gold farmers say the most common way people get into your account is from hacking forums for usernames and passwords. Don't use the same password for forums and other things that you use...
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    So, Pirates are Playing Diablo 3

    I really don't see how the graphics are so shit, or why they need to be the main focus of the game, I am very happy with the graphics in D3 and I really don't see why they would need to be UBER STYLES BEST GRAPHICS EVAR!!!! like that is the only thing that matters ;/. The game was never trying...
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    Poll: So... Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2?

    I don't mind the always online thing at all. The game will have no spammy advertising bots and no hacked/duped items. There will be no bot farming for items, all of that crap. This is good imo. If I am going to be upset with anyone about it I'm going to be upset with the people that cause...
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    Poll: Would you stop tipping if they made minimum wage?

    The job isn't really that simple. You need to be constantly monitoring what is going on. You need to keep a record of every person who is in the cafe, what they ordered, when they ordered, how long they have waited, when they get their meals, when they finish eating, what special needs might...
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    Poll: Torchlight 2, everything Diablo 3 should have?

    How is having an in game auction house at all similar to drug use? That is a REALLY bad analogy, and I'm sure victims of drug abuse crime are much worse off than people who dont win in pvp because they didn't buy item x from the auction house. I mean people who gold farm are much better off...
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    Poll: Torchlight 2, everything Diablo 3 should have?

    You don't even know what the fee is or how many free uplistings you get, the seller only gets charged for listing when they are listing alot of items. On ebay listing items is free so you get things like "AIR GUITAR WITH AIR CASE $5 with $3 shipping" they don't want the system spammed with bs...
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    Poll: Torchlight 2, everything Diablo 3 should have? Could you please point me to where the seller pays a fee to buy the item. Their system is made to combat low level item spamming, ridiculous pricing, and to some extent counter gold farmers, as it will cost you money to post large numbers of items...
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    Can someone please explain to me why PC gamers and Console gamers can't get along?

    After much consideration I have decided to become a member of the glorious PC GAMING MASTER RACE on the escapist. I too enjoy baldurs gate dark alliance II :D, but most importantly baldurs gate II. What DA2 like DAO should have been the spiritual succesor of instead of ME2 with swords it ended...
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    Poll: Torchlight 2, everything Diablo 3 should have?

    I really don't understand what all the hate for diablo 3 is about. Why does everyone have such a problem with the auction house???? People already sell items for diablo 2 on ebay, what are you really so mad blizzard is gonna take the profit from items from their games away from ebay?!?!? You...