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    If you could go back and tell your teenage self one piece of advice...

    "Hey, it's me, from the future. Just wanted to say, keep up the good work. Bye now!" *poof*
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    BioWare Writers Talk Same-Sex Love In Mass Effect 3

    From what I could tell, Cortez was done pretty well. Traynor on the other hand? I didn't even know she swung my way until she just .. hopped in the shower... and I got an option to join her. And some very awful innuendos were tossed in. I had no idea who Traynor was, other than the fact...
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    Tribes: Ascend Review

    I picked this up about 2 days ago. I played Starsiege: Tribes to absolutely hell and back, and I was surprised to see myself ending up on top of the scoreboard just about every game. It really does feel like the original Tribes, with a good number of changes .. But the core game from 1998 is...
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo III Release Date

    Good news... but.. I'll believe it when I see it.
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    How to Survive an Alien Invasion

    Apparently you need a catalyst of some sort.
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    Trailers: MechWarrior Online - GDC Trailer

    Have. My. Babies. All of them.
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    Mass Effect 3 Review

    What Susan said.. I thoroughly enjoyed ME3, was amazed by the little character encounters across the ship. Really made things interesting. A really nice amount of weapons, armour and upgrades. Yet I still just can't help myself but feel.. cheated. This whole build up across three games...
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    Space Janitors: Episode One

    Oh. Wow. This looks gooood. I like it. Good job, Escapist Crew! <3
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    PS Vita Impressions

    I'd love to see a .gif of Steve licking a PS Vita.
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    Watch Skyrim Mashed Up with Bastion's Narrator

    This pendant would look lovely on *stab* my sister! NuuuuuuURGGGHASHFBLARGGHFGFD
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    Rebellion: WWII is Fresh Again

    Or just make up a fictional war set in the Cold War period for all I care. The period where sort of sophisticated electronics and other cool technology was beginning to come in to play. Oooh! Grainy 1st generation night vision! Ooh! MCLOS missiles! yeah.. probably more WWII and streets...
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    Help me with Baldurs gate 1

    Yeah, BG2 had a limit, but BG1 didnt. I used to cheat lots of wands/scrolls for fun and then spawn big bad enemies who get pummeled by hordes of Gnolls, and such.
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    Help me with Baldurs gate 1

    Do go north, those amazon ladies have got lotsa cool loot. If you're really afraid, you can always just.. eh.. exploit.. a bit. Imoen with Hide in Shadows can just sit on the border of their Line of Sight, fire an arrow at them and that will pull two, or if you're lucky, just one. =P
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    Help me with Baldurs gate 1

    I guess our brave adventurer was consumed in Durlag's Tower and never heard from again. The realms call, and you go.. He sounded a fine lad, taken too soon, but doing what he was meant. Poor A Weakgeek. :(