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    Uncivil War: Mount Your Friends - Jim and Yahtzee Get Physical

    A 5 star survival in GTA is my suggestion
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    Valve Greenlights 21 More Titles

    2.5D/3.2D or such.
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    Valve Greenlights 21 More Titles

    Postal 2 is horrible yet awesome. And the world needs more 2D sidescrollers, so I'm down with Project Giana
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    EA Sues Zynga for Copying The Sims Social

    Battlefield and Modern Warfare are night and day, except for the close quarters expansion for battlefield I guess (and the singleplayer)
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    Developer Accused of Selling DLC to Cats

    I gotta say, the escapist knows how to have attention grabbing headlines.
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    DICE: FPS Genre Lacks Innovation

    I'm pretty sure that's not what he's saying. He's saying that people won't play a game without good graphics, which is depressingly true.
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    Max Payne 3 Getting Cheater Internment Camps

    Hey, they've created a virtual australia. Gimme that award.
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    Assassin's Creed Devs Don't Hate the British

    Joke all you like, but DON'T FUCK WITH THE FRENCH. Seriously. Anyway, i'm british and I don't find it racist at all.
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    Zero Punctuation: Prototype 2

    People saying "What he liked a critically panned game" All the scores are actually pretty high on Metacritic.
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    Rockstar Gives Away Midnight Club 2 on Steam

    Hey, mods exist.
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    White Vita May Boost Flagging Sales

    There are some really good games on the Vita, actually
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    Exploitable PSP Games Return to the Vita

    The PSP did pretty damn well. It got a lot of money. Not to mention, this hack DOESN'T EVEN PIRATE GAMES SO THE ARGUMENT YOU ARE MAKING IS COMPLETELY POINTLESS.
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    When "Dark and Edgy" Goes Too Far

    Dear EA, how do you make games with boxing gloves on? (I had to) Anyway, that was actually pretty interesting.
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    Eve Online Panel Encourages Harassing Suicidal Player

    This is the most disgusting, vile, and disgraceful thing I have ever read about, besides the Holocost.
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    TV News Report Warns of "Cyber-Bullying" on Xbox Live

    If only there was a option to filter that...