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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    the tale of Matt Wiggins, now LRR pretty much has to come to the uk and do a show or something =D
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    David Cameron calls for all teens to do community service.

    you know what i dont thnk this is to bad an idea, the cause is retarded and it implys that all teens are guilty for the riots but i feel that now days we in the uk dont really have a goo sence of socity maybe working to help soceity will help us to etter apesiate it (sorry for the terrable...
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    The last song you listened to will now be played at your funeral.

    well balls, thanks dude oh well atleast my terren playing friend will have somethin to listen to.
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    students of university of manchester please help

    hey guys, im currently franticly trying to decide where to apply for my student accomidation ,ya i really left it late, and i could really do with the opinions of any current students so a bitof info , i will be studying chemistry if i get in ,dam A level results soon =S, i dont mind walking a...
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    starcraft 2 marines ya not the most exiting army ever.
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    What was the last thing you CTRL+C'd?

    last thing i copyed is my depit card number so no i shall not be posting that sorry guys =)
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    Video Game Lines That You'll Go on a Killing Spree if you Hear One More Time

    "helloooooo!" tingle loz wind waker, my god dam friend played through that game with me and by played with i mean trolled me with bombs and if im out of ruppys for him to blow me up with he would just spam "heeeeeeellooooo!" gah!
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    Rough areas/people in your town.

    yes, theres a large cousil estate called maesgeirchen by where i live , which was built in world war 2 in the shape of a target, thats what i call planing! =)
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    School Prom tomorrow

    i just used my prom to hang out in a tux =P, for us dancing disolved into jumping up and down to awful music and in the case of some very drunk people making a fool of themselfs , then being tricked into paying for the cab ride me =P but ya just have a laugh dancing not a big issue imo.
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    Embryos in your pepsi.

    yes, this is basicly what i took from the artical, im all for using embro cells for research in medical uses, but to make stuff taste better? not sure im ok with that.
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    help needed with a new pc

    i was using a place called , basicly you choose a bace computer then can buy upgrades and they build it for you, though i may well have my friend who knows a bit more about computers and has built his own to help me out. my budget is about £350-£400 like i said i dont have much in the...
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    help needed with a new pc

    nope im not set on AMD, im in england and im not sure what the numbers are they might be a reference number from the site i was using.
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    help needed with a new pc

    thanks dude appreciate the help =)
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    help needed with a new pc

    Hi, I am currently looking for a new pc which I am hoping to be using for gaming, now here's the problem I don't really now much about things like graphics cards CPUs and such so I was wandering if the pc gamers here on the escapist could tell me if this build would be any good for gaming thanks...
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    It's probably pc gamers own fault games are becoming console oriented.

    oh sorry i missunderstood it i was confused by this "According to a report by Joystiq, the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will not be developed by Mojang, but will retain the services of team boss Markus "Notch" Persson", well in that case it doesnt seem quite so dumb but still in not sure it...